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Vintage Resources

  • Antique Vintage Guitar Info

    Huge library of vintage guitars. Great site for finding history, model info, and specs for classic Gibson, Martin, Fender, Gretsch, Rickenbacker, Danelectro, and other guitars. He really goes in depth detailing the fretboards, body styles, pick-ups, control knobs, and pretty much every other identifiable characteristic a guitar can have.
  • Framus Vintage Archive

    The Framus Museum is located in the musical town of Markneukirchen, Germany. An exhibition of more than 200 musical instruments – ranging from violin to electric bass – is housed in a 19th century villa. The instruments retell the story of the legendary German brand and of famous Framus users, including Attila Zoller, Bill Lawrence, Bill Wyman, John Lennon etc. The Framus Vintage collection is...
  • Vintage Gibson Guitars

    The Vintage Gibson Guitars website is a blog containing reviews and articles all about acoustic and electric Gibson guitars.  Insights into particular models accompany more specific articles, such as spotting fakes and documentaries.
  • Vintage Guitar Magazine

    This is the website for Vintage Guitar Magazine, a monthly publication dating back to 1986. The mag offers informative articles, interviews, and repair tips. They also publish an extensive price guide.
  • Larson Brothers Guitars

    A non-commercial site about Larson Guitars. Larson Guitars, marketed under a myriad or names such as Maurer, Euphonon, and Prairie State, are legendary. Yet there were so few of them built that many guitar aficionados , even many vintage guitar dealers, have seen only a few if any. The few guitar experts who have encountered a quantity of Larsons recognize that these are extraordinary instruments,...
  • Vintage Goya Guitars

    Vintage Goya Guitars covers Goya acoustics, hollow body electrics and solid body electrics. Other sections include Goya amplifiers and other interesting Goya tidbits.
  • Les Paul Forum

    The Les Paul Forum is a website dedicated to all things Les Paul. While the main focus of the site is the user supported forum, there is still a lot of other information available. An FAQ, member galleries, registry, and articles will keep you busy while you peruse the forum.
  • Your Old Guitars DVD Videos

    The Your Old Guitar website offers sale of their DVD for use in identifying the originality of vintage Fender Stratocasters and Telecasters.
  • Ebay's Vintage Acoustic Guitar Buying Guide

    This eBay guide details what you should be looking for when shopping for a vintage acoustic guitar such as the differences in body shapes, sizes, woods, and names. A good guide for the basics and those getting into vintage collecting.
  • Ebay's Vintage Electric Guitar Buying GUide

    eBay's electric guitar buying guide details the information you should know when buying a vintage electric guitar.  It discusses the importance of knowing about particular aspects of the guitar such as the wood, the neck joint, and the originality.
  • Brad's Page of Steel

    Brad's Page of Steel covers lap steel, Weissenborn, Dobro and resonator, pedal steel and slide guitar. There are also sections on "learning to play", a resource list, biographies, recommended listening, and more.
  • Harp Guitar Museum

    Some histroy and photos of some great Harp Guitars. Courtesy of the Andy Wahlberg.

    A cool site on everything harp guitar. Encyclopedia of makers, an unbelievable gallery of old harp guitars, the Knutsen Archives (a homage to Chris Knutsen - harp guitar builder extradinaire), players, patents, etc.