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  • Kamaka Ukulele

    Kamaka ukuleles are world-class instruments enjoyed by everyone from elementary school beginners to professional musicians. Models include a standard, standard pineapple, concert, tenor 4 string, tenor 6 string, tenor 8 string, baritone, standard deluxe, and a concert bell-shaped deluxe. All uke models are made of Hawaiian koa wood with a lacquer finish. Ukulele necks are made of mahogany, and ...

  • Lichty Guitars

    Jay Lichty builds tenor and baritone ukuleles. Most are custom built ukes but Jay typically has a few ukulele models in stock to choose from. Options such as tonewood, bindings, rosette, etc. can be discussed when placing your custom uke order. Woods used include lapacha, Brazilian rosewood, sycamore, European beech, cocobolo, bubinga, claro walnut, koa and pau ferro.

  • GKU Ukuleles

    Greg K Uyehara of GKU Ukuleles hand crafts his "high end" ukulele instruments with tops made out of sitka and Englemann spruce, western red cedar, Port Orford cedar, Douglas fur, koa and Honduran mahogany. He can build your uke with any number of exotic woods for the back/sides, including Brazilian rosewood. Greg specializes in high end tenor ukulele models with optional cutaways.

  • Humingbird Ukuleles

    Hummingbird ukuleles are hand made by Dale Thomas out of flame myrtle, spruce, flame maple, Port Orford cedar, mahagony, rosewood, flame koa, and select koa woods. These ukes come in classic and flamenco styles. Dale can also build you a tenor ukulele.

  • Palm Tree Ukuleles

    Palm Tree ukuleles are constructed of koa wood from Hawaii. The luthiers use a variety of bindings, rosettes, and inlays to ensure each instrument is unique. Uke sizes include concert, pineapple, tenor and others. They even make a custom vintage hawaiian style ukulele.
  • KP Ukulele

    KP ukeleles come in four models: baritone (4 string), tenor (4 strings, 4 string long scale, 6 string and kaleo 4 string), concert, and soprano. Ken Potts, of Kp Ukulele, has been building custom ukes since 2000. Ken also builds acoustic guitars. 
  • Lehua Ukulele

    Lehua ukuleles are manufactured with Australian Blackwood and come in four sizes: standard, long neck soprano, concert, and tenor. The necks of these ukes are made from mahogany, with rosewood or wenge fretboards and bridges. The tenor uke is the largest of Lehua's line. The concert size ukulele is the most popular size and offers plenty of volume. The soprano model uke utilizes a concert neck ...

  • Kanile'a Ukulele

    Kanile'a ukuleles are quite customizable. There are a half dozen different uke body styles to choose from and a sizeable wood selection. Styles include the K-1, K-2, K-3, K-4, Custom and Po'okela models. Each model comes in various sizes. Ukulele sizes include soprano, super soprano, concert, super concert, tenor, super tenor, and baritone.

  • KoAloha Ukuleles

    KoAloha ukuleles range from their KoAloha (soprano, concert, tenor, and D-VI 6-string varieties) to custom works designed and manufactured on an individual basis. They also have a Signature Series with several different uke models. KoAloha offers a half dozen soprano ukuleles to choose from, three concert uke styles, and three tenor ukulele models.

  • Ko'olau Ukuleles

    Ko'olau offers two main ukulele series; the Standard Series and the Custom Series. The Standared Series ukulele features the K Series (KS Soprano and KC Concert), Model 1, and Model 100 (available in soprano, concert, tenor and baritone). The Ko'olau Custom Series ukuleles feature various styles and options made to order. Custom uke instruments include the VS (Vintage Series), CS (Contemporary ...

  • Island Ukulele

    Island Ukuleles features hand crafted custom koa ukulele models built by Raymond Rapozo. Uke sizes include standard, concert, tenor and baritone. Raymond also builds classical and steel string acoustic guitars. Most ukulele models come in 4, 6 and 8 string styles. Many options are available.

  • Po Mahina Ukulele

    Dennis Lake makes his Po Mahina traditional ukuleles in standard/pineapple, concert, kapuilohia, tenor and baritone models. He also makes a cigar box uke made from a 1950's cedar cigar box and an Island Jazz tenor ukulele inspired by a Mario Maccaferri body shape .
  • Tony Graziano Ukuleles

    Tony Graziano's ukuleles are offered in typical (and some atypical) models, including soprano, concert, tenor, baritone, double neck, and hulacaster (Tele shaped). The double neck is a wide body ukulele with two necks (one four string and one six or eight string). In addition, you can choose between standard, snake, six string, eight string, and slotted head stock uke styles.
  • Mele Ukulele

    Mele Ukuleles offers a selection of koa, mahogany, spruce top, hula (for beginners and those on a budget), cedar top, and student (for beginners) uke models to choose from. Tenor 4 and 6 string ukulele models are available, as well as a 6 string baritone model uke.

  • Pohaku Ukulele

    Pohaku offers some standard ukuleles with a few non-traditional models. You can get your standard soprano or koa concert uke, but check out the moray eel diamond head lighthouse, Maine woods & water, aero-uke reproduction, Absolut pohaku, cubist pohaku, and blondie island girl ukuleles. Tenor and baritone uke models are also available.
  • DaSilva Ukulele Co.

    DaSilva ukuleles are individually made so every instrument is unique. Uke sizes include soprano, concert, tenor and baritone.

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  • Earnest Instruments

    Earnest has some interesting ukuleles. They have typical uke models like their LeRoy, Palomino, and Mainlander, but in addition to these they have a line of nontraditional styles. These include the American, Strad, Ceegar Box, Tululele, Ipulele, Sputnik, La Paula, Stretch, and Paddlelele ukuleles.

  • Bean Sprout Banjo Ukuleles

    The Bean Sprout banjo ukulele mixes traditional and modern construction techniques for an instrument that is 23" in length and 8" in rim diameter. A nickel-plated steel flange system is used for securing the skin head.