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Violin, Viola, Cello & Double Bass Repair and Restoration

  • Field Violin Workshop

    Field Violin Workshop provides restoration, repairs, sales, rentals, and bow rehairing for violins, violas and cellos.

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    Field Violin Workshop
    Highland Park
  • Don Leister Violins

    Don Leister Violins provides repairs for your bass, cello, viola, violin or bow. Don Leister also offers master luthier training in bow rehairing, instrument restoration and construction.

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    Don Leister Violins
  • Selin & Harris Violins

    Selin & Harris Violins is a lutherie shop specializing in the sale, repair and restoration of violin family instruments and bows. Serving the string music community of Ithaca, the Fingerlakes Region, and Central New York State.

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    Selin & Harris Violins
  • A440 Violin Shop

    A440 Violin Shop is a Chicago-based string instrument dealer that specializes in violin, viola, cello and bass sales, repairs, restoration and rentals. The A440 workshop provides high quality repair and restoration work at affordable prices.

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    A440 Violin Shop
  • Paul Bowers

    Paul Bowers provides violin repairs and restorations including crack repairs, neck re-setting, varnish work and many other services.

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    Paul Bowers
    Edinburgh. EH
  • Riccardi's Violin Shop

    Riccardi's Violin Shop specializes in double bass, violin, viola and cello repairs and restoration.

  • David Golber Violins

    David Golber Violins offers new and restored violins and provides violin repair services.

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    David Golber Violins
  • Amundson Violin

    Amundson Violin provides violin restoration and sales. Free appraisals!

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    Amundson Violin
    St. Paul
  • Bellamy Violins

    Performs all violin, viola and cello repairs including bow rehairing, bridge fitting, soundpost adjustment, fingerboard replacements, peg replacement, crack and seam repairs.

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    Bellamy Violins
    Virginia Beach
  • Wyatt Violin Shop

    The Wyatt Violin Shop is a full service shop specializing in the art of making, as well as repair and restoration of, fine violins and bows.

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    Wyatt Violin Shop
  • Frank's Violins

    Besides the violin, instrument repair and restoration is also available for guitars, banjos, mandolins, mandolas, mando-cellos, dobros, dulcimers, harps, ukuleles, and other related instruments from student level instruments to fine vintage instruments. Instrument appraisals are also available.
  • Appalachian Bluegrass

    Appalachian Bluegrass offers repair service to a number of acoustic and electric stringed instruments, including fiddles/violins.

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    Appalachian Bluegrass
  • Lisle Violin Shop

    A family owned and operated specialty shop specializing in violin, viola, cello, bass, bows, music, accessories, and provides repair and restoration services.

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    Lisle Violin Shop
  • Martens Studios

    Paul Martens does violin, viola and cello repair and restoration work, from basic setup and maintenance to extensive repair projects.

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    Martens Studios
    Madison, Wisconsin
  • Deatherage Music Company

    Deatherage Music Company provides violin repair and restoration services. Also repairs C.F. Martin and Alvarez acoustic guitars.

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    Deatherage Music Company
  • Roger Stearns Violins, Inc.

    Roger Stearns Violins, Inc. provides restoration and repair of violins, violas and cellos.

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    Roger Stearns Violins, Inc.
  • Daugherty Violin Shop

    Expert repair and restoration of all stringed instruments including the violin, viola, cello and bass.

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    Daugherty Violin Shop
  • The String Doctor

    Repair and restoration services for violins, violas, cellos, and basses.

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    The String Doctor