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Truss Rods

  • Warmoth Custom Guitar Parts

    Warmoth offers many guitar parts, including truss rods, all neck styles, neck woods, binding, frets, and tons of information on back contours, fretboard extension, fretboard radius, heel width, scalloping, tuner holes, etc.

  • Stewart-MacDonald

    StewMac offers everything for your truss rod needs, including adjustable truss rods, non-adjustable truss rods, carbon fiber, covers, wrenches and hex keys, adjusting nuts, router bits, thread cutters, and a truss rod rescue kit.

  • Luthiers Mercantile International

    Luthiers Mercantile has truss rods made for them to their specifications, with three styles of 1-way rods (TRS, TRST and Compression) and 2 styles of dual-action rods (TRSD and Martin). They also offer truss rod installation tips.

  • Allied Lutherie Ltd.

    Allied Lutherie has updated their truss rods to include stainless steel round stock (no rust, no galling) and a unique thread arrangement for smooth-turning and low torque. You can now turn the nut on this rod 6 times to achieve the same degree of adjustment as one turn on a standard truss rod.

  • All Parts

    All Parts offers truss rod nuts for Fender and Gibson, bullet truss rod nuts, 24" and 25" double action bass truss rods, single action Fender style, single action Gibson style, double action truss rods, 18 1/16" Graphite stiffening rods for guitars, 23 5/8" Graphite stiffening rods for bass, and single action bass truss rods.

  • Best Bass Gear

    Best Bass Gear offers a dual action, wrapped, 24" bass truss rod, with a 4mm adjustment wrench included. A straight bit (.25") is used to route the main channel, while a cove bit (.375") is used to route the nut channel.

  • Tone Tech Luthier Supplies

    Tone Tech offers a variety of truss rods, including 2-way for acoustic guitars (14 and 12 fret lengths), 2-way for bass (22.5" and 24.75"), 2-way for electric guitar (including Fender style slotted nut), carbon fiber bass and guitar truss rods, and a Martin style.