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Luthier Supplies Tonewoods

  • Tasmanian Tonewoods

    Old growth tone woods available in Tasmanian Blackwood, Red Myrtle and Blackhearted Sasafrass, Tasmanian Mountain Ash, Wattle. Also available by order only, King Billy, Huon Pine and Celery Top. Billets available for acoustic and solid body guitars. Luther instrument timber stock will vary at times so please check in often to see what is available.
  • Oregon Wild Wood

    Distributor of exotic woods for use with luthier & architectural applications. Company offers a range of woods including Myrtlewood, Hawaiian Koa, Wild Olive Wood, Redwood, Ebony & Bastogne Walnut. Other available products include body blanks, top sets & necks for electric & acoustic guitar production.
  • RC Tonewood & Sons

    Distributor offering tonewoods & wood blanks for acoustic & electric guitar construction. Products offered include back sides, sound boards, bindings, headplates, fretboards, neck woods & electric woods. Other products include African Blackwood, Spalted Maple, Olive Wood & Red Myrtle Rosette squares.

  • A&M Wood

    Distributor offering specialty woods for instrument building as well as custom decking applications. Company offers tonewoods & instrument components for guitar, violin & woodwind instruments. Guitar products offered include backs, sides, tops, necks, fingerboards, peg head veneers, bridges & hardware.

  • Guitar Woods

    Luthier supply company providing tonewoods & luthier tools. Tonewood products offered include soundboards, back & side sets, linings & braces, necks & parts, fingerboards, bindings & bridges. Luthier tools include fret rounding files, finger planes, slotting files & fret saws.

  • Gilmer Wood Company

    Distributor offering a range of specialty woods for guitar construction. Woods available include Mahogany, Mexican Ziricote, Sapele, Panama Cocobolo, California Redwood, Striped Ebony & African Padouk. Other products include necks, fingerboards, bridge blanks & peghead veneers.

  • Luthiers Mercantile International

    Distributor offering luthier wood & supplies. Featured woods include South East Asian Rosewood & Alaskan Yellow Cedar. Products include backs & sides, tailpieces, inlays, bridge blanks, fingerboards & headplates. Finishing products are also available including abrasives, adhesives & dyes.
  • North Ridge Hardwoods

    Luthier supply & tonewood distributor providing products for guitar, mandolin, violin, cello & bass construction. Products offered include solid body tops, body blanks & necks. Wood products include lumber & turning blanks.
  • Alaska Specialty Woods

    Supplies of Alaskan tonewoods for luthiers. Company offers Sitka Spruce, Yellow Cedar & Western Red Cedar in multiple grades of quality. Other products offered include bracewood, native flute stock, block stock & wedges.
  • Prosono International

    Distributor of acoustic wood for luthiers. Several exotic woods are offered including African Blackwood, Mopane, Red Ivory, Wild Olive, Sandalwood, Ebony & Palissandre. Link to Stringed Instrument Woods.

  • Winkler Woods

    Wood supplier specializing in Hawaiian Koa hardwoods. Other exotic woods available include Silky Oak, Tamo, Tochi, Teak, Moabi, Makore, Ebony, Dao, Bubinga, Walnut, Anigre, Mahogany, Sycamore & Sen. Several wood shapes & grades are offered. Link to grading chart.
  • Bow River Specialty Woods ltd

    Specialty woods distributor offering products for craftsmen & luthiers. Luthier products include backs, sides & softwood tops. Wood types include Canadian Cypress, Engelmann Spruce, Sitka Spruce & Western Red Cedar. Link to backs and sides. Link to
  • Exotic Woods Company

    Distributor of a variety of wood blanks & luthier supplies. Guitar products include back & side sets, body blanks, fretboards & soundboards as well as body hardware, neck hardware, wing sets & laminate plywood back & side sets. Bulk lumber is also offered. Click here for a complete wood list.
  • Hawaiian Hardwoods Direct

    Supplier of Hawaiian hardwoods for guitar construction applications. Company offers Curly Mango & Curly Koa tonewoods. Sets offered include guitar, ukulele & mandolin. Other products include Weissenborn & Kamani sets as well as turning stock.

  • Hibdon Hardwood, Inc.

    Distributor of guitar building tonewoods for luthiers. A variety of guitar back & side sets are available as well as neck blanks & items including fingerboards, bridge blanks, bindings & head plates. Several woods are offered for guitar back & side sets including African Blackwood, Cocobolo, Granadillo, K...
  • Northern Tonewood Company

    Luthier supply company specializing in the harvest & preparation of tonewoods. Woods offered include Eastern Red Spruce, White Spruce, Sitka Spruce, Western Red Cedar, Flamed Maple, Quilted Maple & Spalted Maple. A guitar & mandolin tonewood set size & pricing chart can be found here.
  • Notable Woods

    Supplier of tonewoods for luthiers. Products are offered for acoustic guitar, solid body electric guitar, mandolin & ukulele construction. Tonewoods include Koa, Walnut, Western Maple & Sitka Spruce.
  • Exotic Lumber Inc.

    Exotic lumber supply company offers woods to luthiers, millwork shops, furniture makers, carvers & hobbyists. Several unique woods are offered including Chakte Kok, Snakewood, Goncalo Alves, African Rosewood, Brazilian Rosewood & Macasser Ebony. Product links can be found here.