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Luthier Supplies

  • Stewart-MacDonald

    National supplier of luthier tools & equipment including tools, parts, books & videos. A wide range of parts & hardware are offered including pearl inlays, knobs, nuts & saddles, truss rods, bodies & necks, bindings & trim as well as pick guards & accessories. Tools offered include nut & saddle v...
  • Allied Lutherie

    Luthier supply distributor providing high quality guitar construction products. Products include soundboards, fingerboards, neck blanks, kerfing & bracewood, truss rods, bridge & end pins, bridge blanks & backs & sides. Also available are rosettes & veneers as well as fret wire,

    Supplier of guitar hardware. This company provides parts & hardware for electric & acoustic guitars & basses. Products include bridge parts, frets, electronics & case parts as well as factory parts from major guitar manufacturers. Replacement necks & fretboards are also offered inc...

  • Allen Guitars & Luthier Supplies

    Luthier supply company offering tonewoods & guitar building tools & accessories. Woods offered include Cedar, Mahogany, Myrtle, Maple & Rosewoods. Guitar build products include fingerboards, bridge blanks, bindings, tailpieces, tops & shell inlays. Finger board radius services are also offered.
  • Curly Koa Guitar Wood

    Koa supplier offering selected, dried & cut Koa pieces for guitar construction. Sets available include acoustic & electric tops, ukulele sets & billets. Koa wood sets are book-matched & quarter sawn as well as being air dried for 3 years. Link for color variation & grain pattern.
  • Custom Luthier

    Luthier supply company providing blueprints for guitar construction as well as a range of build products & instructional material. Products & services include technique books & videos,
  • DePaule Supply

    Supplier of luthier supplies concentrating on inlays. A very wide variety of inlays are offered including custom fret inlays, traditional fret inlays, peghead inlays & vine style fret inlays. Other products include peghead inlays, pearl rosettes & truss rod covers.

  • Guitar Parts Resource LLC

    Guitar parts supplier providing a range of products for acoustic & electric guitars. Products available include pickups, pickguards, hardware, screws, bridges, tailpieces & back plates. Completed guitars are available for purchase as well as part kits & parts including necks & bodies. Lefty parts, strings & amplifier parts are available as well.
  • Guitar Parts USA

    Supplier of luthier supplies & guitar construction products. Company offers a variety of products including guitar necks, bodies & kits as well as pickguards & assemblies, hardware, strings & inlays. Luthier tools include fret files, nut files & allen wrench sets.
  • HAS Sound

    Electronics company offering electronics, wiring & passive control products for guitars.

  • International Luthiers Supply, Inc.

    Luthier supply company providing acoustic & electric tonewoods & guitar assembly products. A variety of tools are offered including picks, tuning devices, inlay & banding tools & finishing materials & glues. Also available are guitar build kits as well as pre-made bodies & necks.
  • Luthier Suppliers

    Luthier products for guitar making applications. Products offered include instrument neck contour templates, centerline finders, contour patterns & radius gauges, radius dishes & bracing products. Product link.
  • LuthierTOOL Company

    Luthier tool supplier offering a range of products for guitar build applications. Products include binders, edge vises, rosette cutters, CNC neck machines & automatic pick-up winding machines. A variety of accessories are also offered including rub plate replacements, custom templates, drill bushings & drive tool b...
  • Metropolitan Music Co.

    Supplier of luthier tools & products as well as tonewoods. Tonewoods include archtop Maple, Spruce, European Spruce, Indian Rosewood & Mahogany. Other products include calipers, peg shavers, reamers, bridge tools, soundpost tools, patterns & jigs.
  • Moses Graphite

    Supplier of custom graphite neck & headstocks as well as custom bridges & inlays. Several inlay designs are offered including holographite & prism finishes as well as vine, tree, block & custom inlays.
  • Pegheds

    Manufacturer offering specialty pegheads for flamenco guitar, violin, viola & cello. Pegheads are specially designed mechanical products offering non-slip & non-stick operation.

  • Timeless Instruments

    Supplier of luthier supplies & training services. A catalog of products can be found by clicking here. Company also offers build kits. A catalog of kit specification & pricing can be found here. A lutherie school is also available fo...
  • Tonetech

    Supplier of instrument-making products for amateurs & professionals. Company offers a range of products including abrasives, adhesives, bindings, literature, plastic sheet, finishing supplies, inlay materials, timber parts & tonewoods, lacquer & paint & fret supplies. Tonewood products offered include headstock face plates, neck blanks, soundboards, back & side sets, body bla...