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Guitar Necks

  • Warmoth Direct

    Warmoth Direct carries standard guitar necks. They feature the Total Vintage and Vintage Modern series. They also carry Alternate, Gibson Scale, and Specialty Guitar Necks. They feature Bariotone 28 5/8" scale, Mustang /Jag ( 24" Scale) and 7 string ( 25" scale) series. Please click on the link for more information about models available.
  • USA Custom Guitars

    USA Custom Guitars replacement necks offer you custom options and high quality. All of their necks are crafted with hand selected, time tested tonewoods and feature a vintage style one way truss rod for classic tone and lighter weight.
  • WD Music

    WD Music features Fender Telecaster® Replacement Necks. Licensed by Fender® for replacement on Fender and Squier® by Fender guitars. Every Fender Tele neck comes with the nut slot already cut out for you and completely fretted. Nuts are not included with the neck and must be ordered separately.
  • Guitar Building

    Guitar Building Templates. com offer large headstock and replacement neck Strats. They carry many models with a variety of modifications. To find the model that fits your specific needs please go to the link below.
  • Melody Music

    Melody music carries Strat and Fender replacement guitar necks. For more information on these products or to view other items Melody Music offers please click on the link below.
  • Aamp's Electric

    Mighty Mite® Fender® licensed replacement necks are made from quality Northern Michigan & Canadian Hard Rock Maple. They are fretted, completely shaped, have inlays and are finished with a clear satin lacquer. Mighty Mite Necks include finished nickel frets, markers on the side for positioning and truss rods.
  • Moses Graphite

    Moses Graphite offers fingerboard inlays for standard and custom headstocks and can be an option on all Moses neck product models. Moses offers both the standard Steinberger necks as well as headless models of Fender guitar necks which were prepared for Floyd Rose Speedloader headless systems.
  • Stewart-MacDonald

    Stewart-MacDonald carries electric guitar necks. They carry the Through-body Guitar necks, Rplacement Neck for Tele, Electric/ Archtop Neck Blank, 22-Fret Blank-peghead Guitar necks, Replacement Neck for Strat, and Electric Guitar Neck Blanks.

    Project offers tutorials on building guitar necks. They also have an interactive forum tutorial and reference guide. Check out their Project Guitar Forum.
  • Universal Jems

    Universal Jems supplies many guitar necks manufactured by many companies. They order items in bulk to keep pricing at a minimum. Please click on the link below for detailed information about the guitar neck models they currently have available.
  • Haywire Custom Guitars

    Tele and Strat Replacement guitar necks are anything that you want-Maple, Rosewood, Ebony, Canary or any wood you like. The 22 frets are nicely finished, and the guitar nut is shaped and slotted. They have dot inlays and side markers frets, no frets-any size fret wire you like-tall, short, wide, slim,stainless steel, silver colored, gold colored-you name it and you can have it, Plus- any nut fro...
  • Mega Guitars

    Mega Guitars carries guitar necks, including Fender and Statocaster. For more information including pricing please click on the link.
  • Cream City Music

    Cream City Music features the MIGHTY MITE BK2924 Replacement Neck For Les Paul Style Guitars - Maple with Rosewood Fingerboard .Mighty Mite replacement necks are made from Canadian hard rock maple. They come fretted, inlayed, completely shaped and finished with a clear satin lacquer.
  • BYO Guitar

    BYO Guitars carries the following necks; the Strat® Neck with a Rosewood Fingerboard, the replacement Neck for Fender Strat® or Tele®. Rosewood Fingerboard, Dot Inlays, No Finish, the Strat Neck w/Rosewood Fingerboard Star Inlays and the replacement Neck for Fender Strat® Rosewood Fingerboard, Star Inlays, No Finish.

  • Ant Hill Music

    Ant Hill Music carries 22 guitar necks, including Fender and Statocaster, in its on line catalog. For more information on their guitar,
  • Ed Roman Guitar

    The Quicksilver neck is built to interchange precisely with a PRS guitar but offers many more features. The pickup clamping solidly to the neck is one of the main Quicksilver features. This can be done to a stock PRS but modifications to the tongue of the neck are required. When attaching the pickup to the neck, it increases the size of the neck and substantially increases the sustain and tone as ...
  • National Music Supply

    National Music Supply carries guitar necks, including Fender and Statocaster. For more information including pricing please click on the link.
  • Onyx Forge

    Onxy Forge designed guitar neck kits that work very well to fix bolt neck guitars that have stripped holes in the neck. The kit improves tone and sustain, even when installed on a new instrument.