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Guitar Kits

  • Midwest Guitar

    Midwest guitar kits come in a variety of models with an array of options. Choose from acoustic guitar kits, 2 or 3 pickup electric guitar kits, electric bass kits, and custom guitars. Acoustic guitar kits include dreadnought, jumbo and classical sizes with many tonewood options. Entry level 2 and 3 pickup electric guitars and basses come with all the parts needed to put together your own guitar. C...
  • Stewart-MacDonald

    Stewart-MacDonald offers dreadnought guitar kits available with bookmatched AAA backs, sides and toneboards in spruce, rosewood and mahogany. Included in their kits are full-size plans, illustrated assembly instructions, a DVD and more. Tuners and strings are not included.
  • Torres Guitar Kits

    Torres guitar kits work with any pickups (passive) and do not require batteries. They also offer complete wired setups. Guitar kits offered include Les Paul type, Tele type and Strat type. Pre-wired harnesses, tone control switches and pots are also available.
  • Musicmaker's Kits

    Musicmaker offers the Renaissance mandolin guitar kit with either steel or nylon strings. This guitar is assembled much like a mountain dulcimer, as it's sides fit into slots in the heel of the neck. The neck is 2" wide at the nut and is designed primarily for classical players, but it can easily be trimmed for steel string playing.
  • Saga

    Saga offers many types of electric guitar kits including bass and P-bass kits, as well as electric six string guitar kits in many styles. Electric guitar kits offered include a double cutaway archtop model, a Les Paul model, Strat and Tele models, a Flying V model, and an SG model.
  • Guitar Parts USA

    Guitar Parts USA offers Saga guitar kits in Gibson Les Paul, Fender Stratocaster and Fender Telecaster styles. You can build your own bass guitar as well. The Les Paul is a flame maple archtop with mahogany back. The Strat and Tele go together easily and are a good way to learn how guitars are put together.
  • WD Music

    WD Music offers everything needed to build your own guitar, including bodies and necks, parts and hardware, tuning machines, pickguards, bridges and tailpieces, acoustic parts, kits and luthier supplies, pickups and electronics, and accessories.
  • Manchester Guitar Tech

    Manchester Guitar Tech has Saga electric guitar kits that include body, neck, pickgurard, bridge, pickups, control plate, two potentiometers and knobs, 3-position switch, tuners, neck plate, and everything else but the few tools you'll need.