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Custom Bridge Pins

  • Lone Wolf Guitars

    Lone Wolf Guitars makes custom bridge pins for acoustic guitars from Ebony, Bone and Snakewood. Each offers plain, abalone or pearl dots.

  • Gurian Instruments

    Gurian Instruments offers custom bridge pins to fit all steel string guitars. Types include fossilized mammoth ivory, rosewood, ebony and boxwood. Many types of dots are available for each.

  • Graph Tech Guitar Labs

    Graph Tech offers tusk bridge and end pins. Tusk pins are more consistant (lack of dead spots) than bone and ivory.

  • Dread Meister

    Dread Meister offers their Brass Skull custom bridge pins for increased sustain and brightness.

  • Greg Boyd's House of Fine Instruments

    Greg Boyd offers bridge pins made of bone, ebony, Ox bone, rosewood and Water Buffalo.

  • GoldBug

    GoldBug bridge pins are made of bronze and offer increased sustain and brightness. They can be used individually to alter the response of individual strings.

  • Triple C Woodworking

    Triple C offers a wide variety of bridge pins, including their Custom Series, Designer Series, Exotic Series, Fun Series and Tuxedo Series.

  • Custom Inlay, Inc

    Each pin Custom Inlay makes is hand crafted, hand inspected and made in the USA. Many of the materials used are gathered on the islands of Alaska by the Native Eskimos.

  • Floyd Upgrades

    Floyd Upgrades offers brass and titanium custom acoustic guitar bridge pins for increased sustain.

  • TiSonix

    Titanium bridge pins are machined from billet titanium, offering excellent tonal transfer. The microcrystalline structure of titanium efficiently transmits vibration because it of it's extremely rigidity and lightness.