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  • Washburn Electric Guitars

    Washburn electric guitars come in six different series'. The Signature Series includes such artists as Paul Stanley, Scott Ian, Greg Tribbett, Nuno Bettencourt and James Malone. Also available are the Idol Series, HM Series, X Series, Hollow Bodies,...
  • Washburn Acoustic Guitars

    Washburn acoustic guitars have been around for a long, long time. The different series' of guitars they have available is a little mind boggling and includes everything from bluegrass acoustic models, to mandolins, banjos, acoustic/electrics, classicals, and travel guitars. The Washburn Signature Series acoustics include a Richie Owens mandolin, a George Lynch acoustic guitar, and a Sonny Smith ba...
  • Washburn Bass Guitars

    With over a half dozen different series' of basses to choose from Washburn has you covered. There is a Stu Hamm acoustic bass model available, as well as two other models of acoustic/electric basses. The Force Series offers wood grain basses, as do many of the Taurus Series basses. Also available are the CB Series, Idol...
  • Bluegrass Instruments

    Washburn bluegrass instruments encompass mandolins, banjos and their Bluegrass Series of acoustic guitars. Choose from eight different mandolins models and seven different banjo models. Mandolins come in A-type and F-type body styles. The D64SW acoustic bluegrass guitar comes with a spruce top and rosewood back/sides, and comes equipped with a Buzz Feiten tuning system.

  • The VCC Tone Control System

    The VCC tone control system combines warm humbucker tones with the twang of a single coil pickup. Turn the VCC knob up for the humbucker sound. Turn it down for the single coil sound. Or incrementally blend between the two. No batteries or preamps are required. This system is available on the W145, W164, W164V and W166PRO electric guitar models.
  • Dealer Locator

    Find online dealers, USA dealers, Canadian dealers, and international distributors of Washburn acoustic, electric and bass guitars.

  • Artists

    Check out over 60 artists that play or endorse Washburn musical instruments.