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Blues Guitar Instruction

  • Berklee Music

    Berklee Music is an online college for music that offers music courses and certificate programs. They have a huge variety of classes in music production, business, theory, performance, songwriting, and much more. They also have an online store that offers literature on music and musical instruments.

  • Blues Guitar Secrets

    Blues Guitar Secrets offers a proven, step-by-step method to easily master any blues guitar. All you need is a guitar, ten minutes a day, and the will to play. You will also learn how to create solos, how to use chord substitutions, how to maximize your practice time, and how to use blue scales. The techniques come with a 100% guarantee or your money back.

  • offers free online blues guitar lessons. First you learn the basics of the 12-Bar-Blues and become acquainted with the I-IV-V of chords. You will learn the Shuffle Rythm and the Blues Turnarounds, then you will have lessons about the Pentatonic-Scale and the Blues Scale, so that you can easily play in every key on the fingerboard and find the correct notes. After that you’...

  • Essential Blues Guitar

    Essential Blues Guitars offers two volumes of video Blues guitar lessons. Essential Blues Guitar contains 101 Lessons, with over 5 hours of video guitar lessons with Blues Guitar master Danny Casavant. Each of the 101 "Riffs" has a Video lesson of over 3 minutes in duration, with a complete 12-bar chorus transcribed in notation and TAB, and displayed on-screen, and also available for printout

  • Free Blues Guitar Lessons

    Free Blues Guitar Lessons offers free blues guitar lessons Peter Vogl and Jody Worrell. The free lessons are generally 5-10 minute video lessons that discuss certain techniques, scales, and licks. You will also find tabs for each lesson and some .mp3 audio examples. Their Premium Downloads are generally around 20 minutes and take a more in depth look at some blues concepts.

  • Guitar Noise Walking Bass Jazz Blues

    Guitar Noise offers Blues guitar techniques and lessons by Peter Simms. His latest piece involves putting a walking bass line underneath a standard jazz blues progression.

  • Guitar Place - Blues Guitar

    Guitar Place offers over 60 links to different Blues lessons and techniques available on book, CD, or DVD. Some lessons include Solo Acoustic Blues Guitars, Easy Blues Riffs, and Electric Blues Guitars.

  • Homespun Music Instruction

    Homespun Music Instruction offers 14 different DVD’s on Blues guitar lessons. Includes A Crash Course in Open Tunings, Slide Guitar for Blues, and Learn to Play Bottleneck Blues Guitars.

  • Jamplay

    Jamplay offers a video on Blues and Scales. Brad provides background information on the blues. He teaches you the 12 bar blues, 8 bar blues, and the first pattern of the minor blues scale. He also examines this scale closely using scale theory.

  • National Guitar Workshop - Blues Seminar

    National Guitar Workshop gives you six different blues seminars for 2008. They are offered all over the United States.

  • Slowhand Blues Guitar

    Slowhand Blue Guitars offers a Blues Tutorial. It includes beginner blues, chords, scales, soloing, finger styling, slide guitars, backing track generator, home recording and much more.

  • Stefan Grossman's Country Blues Guitar

    Stefan Grossman thinks it is very important for guitar students to have a good understanding of blues guitar in order to develop their fingerpicking abilities. Country Blues Guitar Workshop was put together to give the guitar student a panorama of the techniques and styles that were developed, explored and recorded during the 1920’s - 1940’s. He presents and discusses the music of C...

  • Swing and Jump Blues Guitar

    Swing and Jump Blues Guitars offers Blues lessons. It is offered on book, E-book, MP3, DVD, and PDF.

  • The Delta Blues Guitar

    Delta Blues Guitar offers 12 one hour blues lessons. The method does not employ musical notation or music theory, it is presented in a simple step by step manner. This unique systematic method is designed to develop the skills to a high level quickly.

  • The Fender Players Club

    The Fender Players Club offers many Blues lessons on PDF’s for beginner, intermediate, advanced, and legendary players. They also offers blues lessons on book and video.

  • Wholenote - The Blues learninmg Track

    Whole Note has a huge variety of Blues techniques and theory basics, blues resources, blues scales, and blues soloing. It is the Blues learning track.