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Semi Hollow Body Electric Guitars

  • CP Thornton

    CP Thornton offers the Elite, Jazz Elite, Professional, Professional Acoustic and Blues Queen models of semi hollow body electric guitars. The Elite is an all Curly maple guitar. The Jazz Elite has a Curly maple back, sides and neck, with a spruce top. The Professional is their most versatile semi hollow body electric guitar, good for many styles of playing. It features a mahogany back, sides and ...
  • Ibanez

    Ibanez offers five series' of semi hollow body electric guitar models. The AS103 Artcore Custom is the flagship of Ibanez's Artcore line. The AGS is a single cutaway, basic semi hollow body electric guitar. The AS Series has pickups mounted into a sustain block for increased sustain and feedback elimination. The AM/AMF Series is a smaller sized semi hollow body electric guitar. The John Scofiel...

  • Gretsch Guitars

    Gretsch offers an extensive collection of semi hollow body electric guitars, as well as full sized hollowbody models and solid body electrics. The Chet Atkins Tennessee Rose Ht is one of the most recognizable '60s pop icons. The White Falcon double cutaway semi hollow body electric guitar offers dual Filter’Tron pickups and a B6G Bisgsby vibrato tailpiece. The Electromatic Hollowbody (double ...

  • Epiphone

    Epiphone builds many models of semi hollow body electric guitars. The Alleykat is a small, comfortable model. The B.B. King Lucille is a semi hollow body with no f-holes designed by the man himself. The Casino is Epiphone's most popular model. The Dot is modeled after Gibson's ES Series of semi hollow body electric guitars. The Elitist Casino is their top of the line model. There are more model...

  • Rickenbacker Guitars

    Rickenbacker Guitars makes the 300 Series of semi hollow body electric guitar available in 5 different models, including the 330, 340, 360, and 370. All are available in 6 or 12 string versions. Rickenbacker also offers a Vintage series of semi hollowbody guitars, as well as the 380L featuring two humbucking pickups. All Rickenbacker models feature "chambered" bodies.
  • Gibson Guitars

    Gibson's line of ES Series semi hollow body electric guitars is legendary. Nearly every genre of music has been greatly influenced by these guitars. Models include the ES-335, ES-335 Satin Finish, ES-335 Fat Neck, ES-335 Block Neck, ES-339, 1959 ES-335 Dot Reissue, 1963 ES-335 Block Reissue, ES-345 and the ES-137 Classic. Some famous players who rely on the Gibson ES semi hollowbody electric guita...
  • Pederson Custom Guitars

    The Pederson Custom (formerly Abyss) semi hollow body electric guitar is ideal for live performances ranging from blues to rock. Models include the J2 Archtop and the NSII Archtop, both featuring mahongany neck and body, and chrome hardware and tuners. A variety of custom options are also offered, such as premium wood selections, gold hardware, quoted inlays and bindings. 
  • Paul Reed Smith

    The SE Custom semi hollowbody electric guitar from Paul Reed Smith features a mahogany back, maple top with Flame maple veneer, 22 fret mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard and SE humbucking pickups. The hollow chamber in the body combined with the f-hole give this guitar more midrange and reverb.

  • MJ Guitar

    MJ Guitars makes the MJ Mirage Custom with a chambered body and no f-holes. These are MJ Guitar's top of the line semi hollow body electric guitars, featuring excellent craftsmanship and beautiful exotic woods. Their Catalina Series features f-holes and is all custom made. The Montana Big Sky model semi hollowbody electric offers an all mahogany body with a "no f-hole" design.

  • Washburn Guitars

    Wasburn offers the HB35, HB32 and HB30 semi hollow body electric guitars. The difference in the three models is basically the woods they are each made of. The HB35 and HB30 each feature maple bodies and tops, except that the HB35 offers a Flame maple top. The HB32 is an all mahogany guitar. All three models of semi hollowbody electric guitars feature double cutaway bodies.

  • DiPinto Guitars

    The DiPinto Bacchus Guitar is a thinline semi hollow body electric guitar with an arched maple top and back. The body is only 1 3/4" in depth. This guitar features 20 frets, two chrome humbuckers, and a 25 1/2" scale. Left hand version are available.
  • Yamaha Guitars

    Yamaha's line of semi hollow body electric guitars offers many models to choose from, including the SA503 TVL, AE500, AES1500, AES1500B, AEX1500, SA2200 and SA500, as well as the Wes Borland Signature electric semi hollowbody guitar. The single-cutaway AES1500 and AES1500B guitars are semi hollow designs built with maple and sycamore, and are available in a variety of finishes. The DiMarzio Q-1...

  • Fender Telecaster Classic

    Fender's Classic Telecaster is available in two semi hollow body electric guitar models; the '69 Telecaster Thinline and the '72 Telecaster Thinline. The '69 Telecaster Thinline features a Mahogany body, 1-piece maple neck, 2 vintage style single-coil pickups, and is available in 4 different colors. The ’72 Telecaster Thinline features a warmer and rounder semi hollowbody made of ash, a C-sha...

  • SBM Custom Built Guitars

    SBM Custom Built Guitars offers a semi hollow body electric guitar made from layered Flamed koa, Claro walnut and Quilted maple. Other fetaures include an ebony fretboard and control knobs, as well as custom pickups from designer Lindy Fralin.
  • Robin Guitars

    Robin offers the Savoy Series semi hollow body electric guitar models, featuring arched maple tops, mahogany bodies, 22 frets and a 24 3/4" scale. Other features include mother of pearl headstock inlay, abalone inlays in rosewood fingerboard, maple body binding and a variety of finishing options. There are four Savoy semi hollowbody electric models to choose from.
  • Taylor

    The Taylor T3 is a semi hollow body electric guitar using Style 2 pickups with coil-splitting to offer players both humbucker and single coil sounds in one guitar. The T5 model is an acoustic/electric hybrid and is one of the best selling semi hollow body electric guitars on the market. The T5 features the Taylor T-Lock neck joint.
  • Eastman Handcrafted Guitars

    Eastman Handcrafted Guitars offers a variety of semi hollow body electric guitar models, including the Thinline Series. Eastman Thinlines measure 1 3/4" in depth and are feature Kent Armstrong humbucking pickups. The 180 series semi hollowbody electric guitars are available in classic, classic-sunburst, sunburst, red and black finishes. The 140 series are available in classic, classic-sunburst ...

  • Daisy Rock Girl Guitars

    Daisy Rock's Stardust Retro-H Deluxe semi hollow body guitar models feature bolt-on neck construction, maple necks, rosewood fingerboards, chrome hardware and vintage mini humbucker pickups. Finish options include sea foam green and ruby sparkle.