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Pedal Steel Guitars

  • Beck Musical Instruments

    Beck Musical Intruments offers 10 string and 12 string pedal steel guitars. Models include the SD-10, D-10, D-12, SD12, Keyless-12, Keyless-10 and Zane Beck Keyless. The BMI S-10 pedal steel is the most popular model. Beck offers several finishes including Crown Burl, Atlantic Blue, Black, Canyon Blue, Empire Mahogany, Hunter Green, Port and Pearl White Birdseye.
  • BSG Steel Guitars

    BSG offer 3 models of pedal steel guitar, the S-10, SD-10, and the D-10. Models range from 3 pedals and 2 knee levers to 8 pedals and 5 knee levers. Stainless steel legs, gauged brass rollers, custom pedal steel cases, and many parts are also available.
  • GFI Musical products

    GFI Musical Products makes pedal steel guitars including S-10s, S-12s, and D-10s in 3 different series; The Ultra Models, Expo Models and Student Series. Finish options include Candy Blue, Gloss Black, Candy Red and Gold. The frames on GFI pedal steel guitars are inlaid and the body tops are covered with a scratch-resistant mica. Each guitar features custom "George L" humbucker pickups.
  • Franklin Pedal Steel

    Franklin Pedal Steel guitars are available in a variety of models, including the D-10, S-10 and S-12. All are available with additional pedals and knee levers upon request. Each Franklin instrument is custom-built by Paul Franklin Sr. His pedal steel guitars feature a unique pulling mechanism that sets it apart from all the other brands. The position of the pivot point on the pulling mechanism has...
  • Jagiella Steel Guitars

    Jagiella pedal steel guitar models are built with an extra-strong aluminum neck, bird's eye maple construction and luminescent fretboards. Models include the Jagiella Double neck D 10, 8/4, E 9th/C 6th (8 foot pedals, 4 knee pedals); Jagiella Single neck S 10, 3/4, E 9th (8 foot pedals, 4 knee pedals); and the Upgradeable Jagiella SE 10 consisting of D 10 body with S 10 equipment, prepared for ine...
  • Mullen Guitars

    Mullen offers many pedal steel guitar models ranging from 10 and 12 string, 3 to 8 pedals and 4 knee levers. Extra pedals and knee levers are sold separately. Several finishes are offered including Black, Burgundy, Blue, Teal Green, Blue Burl, Walnut, Mahogany, Black Burl, Blue Maple, Red Maple, Black Maple, Pecan and more. All Mullen pedal steel guitars are completely built by hand by the Mullen ...
  • Emmons Guitar

    Emmons is the maker of the Lashley Le Grande III, a pedal steel guitar famous for its ability to stay in tune. Standard features include maple body, aluminum necks, adjustable split-tuning and tone control defeat switch. Each Le Grande is available with a variety of options including extra pedals (up to 10), extra knee levers, dual coil pickups, compensator, and Mica finishing options.
  • Fessenden Steel Guitars

    Fessenden pedal steel guitars are built by Jerry Fessenden, a luthier with decades of experience as a builder and player.  Models include a D-10, a 13 string model, a 12-string, and also single models with custom pickups.
  • Jackson Steel Guitars

    Pedal steel models include the Shot Jackson, Xtreme, BlackJack and BlackJack Custom. The Shot Jackson is availabe in single or double neck models. Each model features the patented dual pulling head system for excellent tone.
  • Desert Rose

    Desert Rose makes 3 models of pedal steel guitar. The Single 10 features 4 pedals and 4 levers. The Double 10 offers 8 pedals and 5 levers in a dual 10 set-up. Finally, the Single 10 "Delta Blues" pedal steel guitar is a single 10 configuration with 5 pedals and 4 levers. 
  • Rains Steel Guitar

    Rains offers "The Ultimate" model pedal steel guitar. Each instrument is hand crafted to your specifications by Gary Carpenter in Fort Worth, Texas. Gary offers several finishes including empire mahogany, red parisian maple, tiger maple, and many more. Also, two different types of fretboard are available.
  • Sierra Steel Guitars

    Sierra offers one main series of pedal steel guitar called the "Session Series". These instruments offer a variety of different specs and features; everything from 10 to 14 strings, to the number knee levers. They also offer the Sierra 8 String Laptop.
  • Simmons Pedal Steel Guitar

    Simmons Pedal Steel offers a few different models in the Elite guitar series, including the S1 single neck 3 and 4, the SD-10 single on double neck frame, and the D-10 double neck 8 and 5. They also offer the Econo-Line beginner pedal steels which include the E2 and the E4.

  • WBS Steel Guitars

    WBS offers five main pedal steel guitar models, including the Student, Economy, Standard, Custom and the Ultimate. WBS offers many finishes including black, dark red, midnight blue, cherry, and more.
  • Williams Guitar Company

    Williams offers a variety of pedal steel guitar models, including the D10, 400X Crossover, SD10, SD12, S10, S12, 11 String, 14 String and D12. Finishes available include burnt orange, ebony, sea blue and more.
  • Stage One Steel Guitars

    Stage One offers one main pedal steel guitar featuring 3 pedals, 4 knee levers and 10 strings. These instruments are economically priced.
  • Lone Star Steel Guitars

    Lone Star offers a single pedal steel guitar model called the LSSG 6 LITE. It is a light and compact professional instrument.