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Lap Steel Guitars

  • Asher Guitars & Lap Steels

    Asher builds three models of lap steel guitar, and one model designed for bottle neck players. The Electro Hawaiian and Electro Hawaiian Junior are electric lap steel guitars. The former was designed for Ben Harper in 1998. The latter is an entry level lap steel. Asher also builds an Acoustic Hawaiian lap steel guitar that pays tribute to the Herman Weissenborn models from the late 1920's. The ...

  • Harmos Music

    Harmos Music specializes in building 21st century carbon fiber space frame electric lap steel guitars. The Sacred Steel laptop has figured maple ends and offers a dynamic, vocal tone. The Americana is an electric lap steel guitar that offers a classic, powerful steel tone. The Hawaiin gives a more sweet, melodious, clear tone and comes with Koa or Figured Acacia ends.

  • Cole Clark Guitars

    Cole Clark builds four models of electric lap steel guitars. The Violap is a violin style semi-acoustic model with 6 strings. The LapDog Humbucker is a full sized, solid body lap steel guitar. It's design in influenced by the Ricky Model '59. The LapDog Horseshoe model is a bare bones 6 string solid body laptop. Cole Clark even offers the innovative SK8 model. It's actually a skateboard that doubl...
  • Chandler Guitar

    Chandler makes three models of electric lap steel guitars. The RH-2 lap steel is made of mahogany with a hand wound wide aperture pickup. The Studio 6 laptop guitar is also made of mahogany but offers a hand wound wide Humbucking pickup and a 3-position tone switch. The Studio 8 lap steel guitar is made of mahogany, has 8 strings, a hand wound 8 string Humbucking pickup and 3-position tone switch.
  • Lazy River Guitars

    Lazy River Guitars offers hollowneck acoustic lap steel guitars with a choice of spruce tops, made of solid Blackwood or Mahogany, and with options for extra strings or teardrop shaped bodies. A Baritone model lap steel guitar is available as well.

  • Bear Creek Guitars

    Bob Brozman of Bear Creek Guitars builds acoustic style lap steel guitars and ukuleles. His 10th Anniversay Hollowneck laptop celebrates Bear Creek's 10 years in business. It is a limited edition hollowneck lap steel guitar. Bob also builds a giant 7 string baritone hollowneck lap steel. His traditional Hollowneck model is designed after the Style 2 and Style 4 Weissenborns. Bob's Kona Rocket l...

  • Weissenborn Guitar Comapny

    The Weissenborn style lap steel guitars from the 20's and 30's are what most other luthiers model their laptops after. Weissenborn offers many acoustic and electric lap steel models. Resonator guitars are available as well.

  • De Faoite Stringed Instruemnt

    De Faoite acoustic lap steel guitars come in two models. The Red Kite and the Orthus have 630mm scale lengths, but slightly different lower bout, waist and depth sizes that differentiate them. Also, the Red Kite lap steel guitar is a Weissenborn style while the Orthus is a unique double neck laptop design.

  • Dart Guitars

    Dave Dart builds Hawaiian style acoustic lap steel guitars. There are three models to choose from. The Style 1 is made of Koa, has mother-of-pearl dots on the fretboard, and offers optional custom inlay work. The Style 2 lap steel guitar, made of Mahogany, features single layer binding and is fancier than the Style 1. The Style 4 Hawaiian lap steel offers features, such as abalone, mother-of-pearl...
  • Lap King USA

    Lap King USA offers the Ben Aire electric lap steel guitar, with a 25 inch scale, chrome pickguard, and two wiring options. This laptop guitar can be ordered with 3 telescopic legs that screw into mounts flush in the body. Another option is a support arm that screws into two threaded inserts in the back, keeping the lap steel guitar stable and at the correct distance from the player.
  • Don't Fret Instruments

    Unique, one of a kind electric lap steel guitars crafted from cypress knees (roots). Each guitar is different. No two are alike. Loaded with active EMG electronics, these lap steel guitars can take your breath away with beautiful, clean tones. These electric laptop instruments are completely handcrafted from individual cypress knees, which makes each instrument totally unique. 
  • Bluestem Strings

    Bluestem Strings offers one main laptop guitar, the Bluestem 6 electric lap steel, featuring a solid brass nut, 22-1/2" scale, and much more. You can also modify these lap steel guitars to how ever you want including changing the amount of strings or custom spring spacing.
  • CruzTone Lap Steel Guitars

    Cruztone Lap Steel Guitars offers a laptop with different types of finishes. It is an electric guitar with a more futuristic look to it, a solid aluminum headstock, custom designed roller nut and many other features.

  • Daniel Brauchli

    Daniel Brauchli offers one model acoustic lap steel guitar with a choice of two different types of tops, Blackwood or Cedar. The Blackwood top has great separation and dynamics. The Cedar top gives this lap steel guitar a faster attack with a louder sustain.

  • Gold Tone

    Gold Tone guitar offers a series called the Weissenborn style acoustic lap steel guitars in two models. The W-SM laptop comes with a solid mahogany top, back, sides, and neck. The W-LM guitar is made of laminate mahogany.
  • Manzanita Slideguitar

    Manzanita offers the Manzanita H and HK acoustic lap steel guitars. The HK model has two soundholes on either side of the fingerboard extension. You can send a sample of your laptop playing to this luthier and he will build you an instrument designed just for you.
  • Neilson Lap Steel Guitars

    Neilson lap steel guitars have been made since 2000 in Australia. Two electric laptop models are offered, one six string with a 22.5" scale, and one seven string with a 23" scale. Both lap steel guitars are made of Blackwood.

  • Yanuziello Hawaiian Guitar

    Yanuziello Hawaiian Guitars have a hollow neck construction and tops that are X-braced. These acoustic lap steel guitars are made of your choice of Curly maple, koa, mahogany and spruce. The slotted laptop headstocks have an overlay of ebony and holly. The bronze tuners are Waverly vintage style.