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Guitar Pickups

  • Aero Instrument

    Offering 4 types of electric guitar pickups. These include single coil types such as the Strat & Tele & double coil types such as the Humbucker. Also offer Jazz Master replacement pickups.
  • BartoliniPickups

    Offering vintage & jazz guitar pickups in Hum Bucker style for both neck & bridge. PBF pickups are available in chrome plated, nickel plated and gold plated covers. For those who prefer the unbridled tone of uncovered pickups, they are available in ABS covers in black or white colors.
  • Benedetto Pickups

    Specializing in jazz guitar pickups, these are offered in several configurations including: Pickguard (floating) mount, low profile, humbucking, 6- and 7-string archtop guitar pickups; Standard mount, humbucking, 6- and 7-string guitar pickups; & Standard size, standard mount, humbucking, 6-string guitar pickups with a single row of adjustable pole pieces and a nickel-silver cover available wi...
  • Bill Lawrence USA

    Offering Bill Lawrence pickups in Strat, Tele & Humbucker styles. Pricing info, photos & testimonials are available.
  • DeArmond Pickups

    DeArmond pickups of the 1950s and '60s are revered and collected around the world because they reflect the era of discovery when electric guitar was experimental and new. After purchasing the DeArmond Company in 1996, Fender's Research and Development department set about determining which DeArmond pickup models could be recreated and how to make the most of these classic designs. The solution to ...
  • Dimarzio Pickups

    Various guitar pickups available including humbucker in high power, medium power & vintage output; Strat pickups in standard or hum canceling & Tele pickups in standard or hum canceling. Also offering mini & soapbar pickups.
  • EMG Pickups

    EMG's frequency response is shaped much differently. Conventional pickups typically exhibit a dry "peaky" frequency response, while EMG's have a much broader bandwidth that's better for harmonic pull-offs and chord definition. Individual notes have better presence and are dynamic. Playing styles are more pronounced and different techniques can be easily accommodated. By using an integrated prea...

  • Fender Pickups

    Line of guitar pickups include the Stratocaster which is available in hot "noiseless", original '57/'62, SCN, Tex-Mex & vintage "noiseless" as well as several custom variations. The Telecaster line includes vintage, SCN, & vintage "noiseless" as well as a couple of custom variations. Also offers humbucking pickups like the Atomic Humbucker & Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates Plus Humbucke...

  • Fralin Pickups

    Offers Strat style replacement pickups in vintage hot, real 54, blues special, high output, steel pole (42) & steel pole (43); Tele style in stock, blues special. high output & steel pole; P-90 style replacements &
  • Harmonic Design

    Strat & Tele pickups are offered in various styles including the '54 Special featuring specially ground and processed alnico magnets, which are a slightly larger diameter, as found on the earliest original pickups; Vintage Plus which are high output versions of standard pickups, without the ”muddy” tone that usually results from other brands of hot pickups; Super 90 Bridge Pickups which are sp...
  • Joe Barden

    Offers the Danny Gatton T-Style for Tele players, the S-Deluxe for Strat players and the HB & HB two/tone humb...
  • Kent Armstrong Pickups

    Offers a wide selection of replacement guitar pickups for Strat players including hot, cold, hum canceling metal, high output, texas, tweedletone & vintage. Also offers hot pickups for Tele players.

  • Kinman

    Offers 3 basic sets of NoNoise pickups to suit the Stratocaster, or similar instruments & 2 sets of pickups to suit the Telecaster. Also offers a Hank Marvin pickup.
  • Lace Music Products

    Offers guitar pickups in single coil & humbucker syles in their Powered by Lace line and an extensive line of electric pickups in various styles & configurations.

  • Lollar Pickups

    A wide selection of P-90, Stratocaster, Telecaster & hum bucker style pickups for use with various amplifiers.
  • OC Duff Pickups

    Custom guitar pickups offered in Traditional, Special Stock, Contemporary, P-90, & PAF Humbucker. Also offers the "Number One" modeled on the pickups on Stevie Ray V...
  • Q-tuners

    Passive guitar pickups that combine the power of high-performance neodymium magnets with greater efficiency "free standing" air coils. The most noticable sonic feature is the extremely linear frequency response. Optimized winding geometry to give ideal value/dcr ratios; hence, maximum humbucking action. Offered for small 6 string guitar...