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Overdrive Effect Pedals

  • Fulltone

    GT 500 - Discrete F.E.T Hi-Gain Distortion and Overdrive Booster in one box. Ultimate Octave - A very fat Distortion/Fuzz with a very active tone control and a separate footswitch that kicks in the most searing Octave-Up available... use it as a Fuzz or Octave-Up. Octafuzz - The only exact circuit copy of the legendary Tycobrahe Octavia. Cool Octave-Up sounds ala Hendrix "Band of Gypsies" and S...

  • BBE Sound

    BBE Sound offers a selection of effects pedals including the Crusher high gain distortion, Free Fuzz ‘70s fuzz and Green Screamer dual op-amp overdrive.

  • Boss

    Boss manufactures a large variety of distortion and fuzz pedals such as the Blues Driver overdrive, regular Distortion,
  • Danelectro

    Danelectro offers a FAB Distortion, FAB Metal and a FAB Overdrive pedal in addition to a variety of miniature pedals such as Grilled Cheese Distortion, T-Bone Distortion and Pastrami Overdrive. They also offer the French Toast Octave Distortion, Bacon ‘N Eggs Mini Amp Distortion, Black Licorice Beyond Metal and Black Coffee Metal miniature pedals. Other distortion pedals include Daddy O. Over...

  • Digitech

    Digitech offers a variety of distortion petals including the Screamin’ Blues, Hot Head, Death Metal,
  • Dunlop

    The Fuzz Face Distortion pedal from Dunlop features PNP transistor design as well as volume and fuzz control knobs.

  • Electro Harmonix

    Electro-Harmonix offer several distortion pedals such as Metal Muff, Holy Stain, Double Muff, Big Muff, Graphic Fuzz and others. Miniature distortion pedals are also available.

  • George Dennis

    George Dennis offers 2 Wizard Distortion pedals with volume control, one for rock and one for blues. These pedals feature distortion, frequency, level and volume controls.

  • Gig-FX

    The VOD 3 stage variable over drive pedal from gig-fx features all analog design, full EQ and 3 pedal positions.

  • Guyatone

    Guyatone manufactures the FZ-2000 Fuzz 2000 pedal featuring volume and drive adjustment.

  • Ibanez

    Ibanez offers the Jemini distortion pedal combining overdrive and distortion. They also offer the TS9 Tube Screamer with tone, drive and level controls as well as
  • Jacques

    Jacques offers several distortion pedals including the Overtube, the Batfuzz, Mercer Box and the Fuseblower.

  • Line 6

    Line 6 offers the Dr. Distorto pedal featuring a harmonic feedback circuit and feedback/sustainer controls as well as rise fall and blend controls. They also offer the DM4 Distortion Modeler featuring 16 digital effects, 18 factory presets and 4 u...
  • Marshall

    Marshall offers the Bluesbreaker II distortion pedal featuring passive bypass, blues or boost mode switch and drive, tone and volume controls. They also offer the Guv’nor distortion pedal with gain, deep, mid and volume contr...
  • Maxon

    Maxon offers several distortion pedals including the OD-Overdrive, OD-9 Pro+ Overdrive, OOD-9 Organic Overdrive, OSD-9 Overdrive/Soft Distortion,
  • Morley

    Morley offers a combination wah, volume and distortion pedal featuring independent distortion functionality, drive, level and tone knobs as well as buffer circuit for maintaining signal in bypass and effect modes.

  • MXR

    Dunlop’s MXR series of distortion pedals include the MXR Bass Blowtorch featuring active 3-band EQ with 3 position mid shift, the Zakk Wylde Overd...
  • Pignose

    Pignose offers the Detonator S.P. distortion/power boost pedal.