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  • Bear Mountain Appalachian Dulcimers

    Dwain Wilder's Bear Meadow instruments come in Concert Series or Standard Series dulcimer models. The Concert Series is designed for professional musicians and serious students, and features the Concert Grand mountain dulcimer, Urnes Grand, Baby Grand and Swan models. The Standard Series features the Concert Hourglass, Hourglass and Teardrop models. Each instrument offers the options of plane...

  • J.C. Rockwell Dulcimer Company

    J.C. Rockwell's mountain dulcimers are hand crafted in a variety of styles. The North Carolina Hourglass has a 26" string length and is typically made with a walnut fingerboard and Honduras mahogany sides and back. The Kentucky Shape Large Hourglass dulcimer offers a 26.5", 29.75", or 28" string length and comes in a Baritone model that has a 29.75" string length. The Hollowbody Electric Du...

  • Berg Dulcimers

    Bill Berg hand crafts mountain and hammered dulcimer models. His mountain dulcimers include professional, teardrop long scale, beginner, and hourglass models. His hammered dulcimers come in 14-15, 11/12, and plywood hammered 11/12 models.

  • Cedar Creek Dulcimers

    Cedar Creek builds mountain and hammered dulcimers. Their mountain dulcimer models include the Old-Timer (teardrop shape with a thinner sound box), Red Meadow (teardrop shape with a deeper sound box), Cedar Creek (hourglass shape with a deep box), Walnut Classic (hourglass shape with solid book matched hardwood), Artist 6-String, Dulci-Lin (smaller size that gives it almost a mandolin sound),...

  • Carrot Creek Dulcimers

    Carrot Creek offers unique hand crafted dulcimers made from quality Walnut boards. In addition to the higher quality instruments, Carrot Creek also offers student dulcimer models made from Italian poplar laminate that are ideal for a novice or as a second instrument for traveling.

  • James Jones Musical instruments

    James Jones mountain dulcimer models come standard with a 26.8" scale length, ebony nut and saddle, and a channeled fingerboard. You can choose between a teardrop or hourglass shape, cedar, redwood, or spruce soundboard, and walnut, cherry, or mahogany back, sides, and peghead. James Jones also offers 14 custom hammered dulcimer models and 11 student hammered dulcimers.
  • Folkcraft Instruments

    Folkcraft Instruments offers a line of mountain and hammered dulcimer models. Their mountain dulcimers come in both hourglass and tear drop shapes and are made with hickory, Northern cherry, Black walnut, Western Red cedar, padauk, Sitka spruce, or Claro walnut. Folkcraft hammered dulcimer models come in 16/15, 17/16, 12/11, and 15/14 varieties.
  • Prussia Valley Dulcimer

    Prussia Valley mountain dulcimer models come standard with 2" deep boxes, 6 1/2 and 13 1/2 frets, crying heart sound holes, and lacquered finishes with oiled fret boards. They offer cherry, walnut, Curly maple and mahogany body woods, and Western Red cedar, Sitka spruce, redwood, sassafras, poplar, and butternut soundboards. For dulcimer shapes, they offer teardrops, hourglasses, baritone hou...

  • David's Dulcimers

    David's Dulcimers offers hammered and mountain dulcimer models. Their hammered dulcimer line includes the Concert Grand (52" by 22" by 4", with western red cedar, redwood, and Stika spruce soundboards, maple, walnut, cherry or ash end rails and sides, and laminated hard maple piano pin-blocks), the Bill Spence Edition (with western red cedar, redwood, and Sitka spruce soundboards, laminated hard m...
  • Appalachian Dulcimers

    Appalachian Dulcimers are hand crafted by Keith Young.His  mountain dulcimer models come in six shapes: teardrop, hourglass, backpack, youngster, courting and concert. Keith uses includes Black walnut, Wild cherry, Curly maple, Wormy chestnut, butternut, and spruce woods. He also offers a standard 6 1/2 fret and an optional 1 1/2 fret.
  • Olympia Dulcimer Company

    Olympia Dulcimer offers the Walkabout dulcimer, based on the mountain dulcimer and the mandolin. The Walkabout features a 20.75" scale length and is available with Figured maple or Honduras mahogany body woods with a Sitka spruce top, rosewood fingerboard, and graphite reinforced mahogany neck. The Electric Walkabout dulcimer features a 20.75" or 22.00" scale length and has a solid Honduras maho...
  • Modern Mountain Dulcimer

    Modern Mountain offers five dulcimer varieties. The Student model has a walnut body and spruce soundboard with 3 strings. The Red dulcimer model has a walnut back and sides with either a redwood or Western Red cedar soundboard. The Appalachian model has a walnut body and resonator back with two soundboards: one spruce and one palonia. The DREAM dulcimer has a walnut top, sides, and back with a...
  • Cripple Creek Dulcimers

    Cripple Creek offers hand crafted Appalachian dulcimers. They offer a line of mountain dulcimer models, including the Cripple Creek, Professional, Hummingbird and Abalone Vine. Cripple Creek also offers 12/11, 15/14, and 16/15 Masterworks hammered dulcimer models. In addition to these, they build custom unique instruments featuring intricate inlays and high quality woods.
  • Blue Lion Instruments

    Blue Lion offers a variety of mountain dulcimer models, including the Teardrop Walnut, Style I, Style II, Bass, Baritone, and 6-String, as well as a model designed by Jean Ritchie. Blue Lion also features the Acoustic Jam mountain dulcimer which is designed for jam sessions or any playing situation requiring a loud instrument.

    Jack Larwa builds custom unique mountain dulcimer models. He offers tear drop or hourglass shapes in mahogany, cherry or walnut. Jack also uses wooden friction tuners and offers f-holes, circles or hummingbirds for sound holes.
  • Galax Dulcimers

    Galax mountain dulcimers are a form of lap dulcimer that are lozenge-shaped, with deeper sides than most other instruments, usually 2 1/2 to 3 inches. The woods used to build these instruments include cherry and walnut.
  • Grass Roots Hammered Dulcimers

    Grassroots hammered dulcimer models come in either 15/14 or 12/11 sizes. They also offer hard maple internal bracing, solid hard maple or laminated hard maple pin blocks, solid mahogany trim, and solid spruce, birch, mahogany, or red oak plywood soundboards on all Grassroots hammered dulcimers.
  • Jenny Wiley Dulcimers

    Jenny Wiley offers five different styles of dulcimer. The Mountain, or Appalachian dulcimer, is one of the easiest of all stringed instruments to play. The Six String Dulcimer is 36" long and has two .022 wound strings, two .012 drone strings, and two .012 melody strings. The Student Model is 30" long and is made from select pine, plywood, or veneer for the body. The Tear Drop is 34" long and i...