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Bass Strings

  • Black Diamond

    Black Diamond offers their Electric Bass Coated Nickel, Electric Bass Nickel, Electric Bass Stainless, and the Electric Bass Chromium Flatwound guitar strings.
  • Cleartone

    Cleartone bass strings have a patent pending enhanced molecular protection coating making their bass guitar strings different from all others. This treatment is a thin coating at only 500 nanometers making it the thinnest in the industry. 
  • D'addario

    D'Addario bass guitar strings are constructed of quality alloys, have a constant core tension during winding, and employ an exclusive computer controlled winding process.
  • D'Angelico

    D'Angelico carries hot nickel concept bass guitar strings in extra light, light, medium light and medium gauges .
  • Dean Markley

    Dean Markley offers their Blue Steel, SR2000, Nickel Steel Bass, Misfits, FlatWound, NPS, Randy Jackson, Fret Master, and PhosBronze bass guitar strings.
  • DR Strings

    DR carries HI-BEAM stainless steel bass guitar strings.They are round wound and constructed over a round core.

  • Elixir

    Elixir carries bass guitar strings with Nanoweb coating from super light to medium gauge, and from long to extra-long scale.
  • Ernie Ball

    Ernie Ball carries nickel wound, stainless steel, and flatwound bass guitar strings in singles and sets.
  • Fender

    Fender carries Bass VI stainless steel roundwound, Jaguar Bass VI, and Ashbory bass guitar strings in sets or singles.

  • John Pearse

    John Pearse carries pure nickel roundwound bass strings in sets or singles, from light to medium gauge. They also have long scale guitar strings.
  • Ken Smith

    Ken Smith offers 4, 5, 6, and 7 string pre-packaged bass string sets. They use stainless steel, nickel plated steel, and nickel-iron alloy to make their round wound, taper core, custom balanced, double ball, compressor and slick round bass guitar strings. If you can't find the exact gauge combination you are looking for they can make up a custom set from their wide variety of singles.
  • Kerly Music

    Kerly Music offers nickel plated, 5 string, and stainless steel bass guitar strings.
  • La Bella

    La Bella offers their Super Steps, Double Ball, 413 P Studio, and other bass guitar strings.
  • Newtone Strings

    Newtone Strings offers their Diamond, Platinum, acoustic, and phosphor bronze wound bass guitar strings. They are available as 5 or 6 string versions with either Low B or High C 5. They are available in hexagonal or round cores. Newtone is a bespoke string manufacturer and can accommodate any tuning for all steel strung instruments.
  • Rotosound

    Rotosound offers phosphor bronze wound acoustic bass strings and stainless steel pressure wound bass guitar strings in 4 and 5 string sets.
  • Savarez

    Savarez carries bass strings for instruments with tail pieces, tuned at a lower octave, upper octave, classical 4 string bass guitars, wound treble, and those with additional bass guitar strings.
  • SIT Strings

    SIT's exclusive fusion wound winding process uses electricity to adhere the cover wrap more tightly to the core, producing greater brilliance, volume and longevity for their bass guitar strings.
  • Sutrosonics

    Sutronics carries a variety of bass guitar strings.