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Bass Amps

  • Ampeg

    Ampeg offers a variety of bass guitar amplifiers and combos, including the Classic Series, Pro Series, Bassamp Series and Diamond Blue Series bass amps. The Original Series models are designed for vintage tube sound. B Series solid-state bass amps have high wattage and feature effect loops, XLR balanced line outputs and optocoupler limiters. All B Series enclosures offer compression horn drivers w...
  • Crate Amps

    Crate's bass guitar amplifiers are known for formidable low end and are available in a variety of sizes, with feature sets designed for bassists of all skill levels. The BT Series offers 7 different models including 10, 15 and 25 watt practice bass amps, as well as 100, 220 and 1000 watt stage amps.

  • Mesa Bogie

    Mesa Bogie offers a line of bass guitar amplifiers and cabinets. Bass amp models include the Big Block 750, Big Block Titan V12, M-Pulse 600, Walkabout and the Walkabout Scout. Cabinet models include the Powerhouse, Vintage Powerhouse, Roadready and the Scout Bass Radiator.
  • Peavey Amps

    Peavey offers their beginner 110, gig and practice ready 112, more bass in a space saving package 115, compact and affordable 126, and practice 158 combo bass guitar amps.
  • Carvin Bass Amplifiers

    Carvin offers their BRX and BR Series bass amps. The BRX Series offers up to 1900W Neodymium amps, while the BR Series offers either 600W or 1200W bass guitar amplifiers.

  • Hartke Amplifiers

    Hartke offers dozens of bass amp models built with unique aluminum cone drivers. Models include A Series Combos, HyDrive cabinets and combos, B Series Combos, the Kilo 1000, and Kickback bass guitar amplifier combos.
  • Fender Amps

    Fender offers a variety of bass amps including the Rumble,  Pros Series, Bassman TV and Bronco models. The Bassman Series offers a 100 watt combo, 150 watt combo, 250 watt head and a 4x10 cab. The Rumble combo bass guitar amplifiers come in a variety of sizes and power configurations, from small practice amps for beginners at home to stage-ready 2x10 and 1x15 models.

  • Eden Electronics

    Eden Electronics makes the Eden World Tour line of bass amps, as well as a variety of other bass guitar amplifiers, cabs and combos. The World Tour Series amps are built using military-style modular construction throughout, resulting in very high reliability and easier maintenance. Other products include the E Series combos, RS Series combos and N Series.
  • Gallien-Kruger

    Gallien-Kruger makes 3 lines of bass amps; the Artist Series, the MicroBass Series and the Backline Series. Each amplifier series offers a variety of cabinets, combos and heads.
  • Genz Benz

    Genz Benz bass amp models include the GBE Series, M Line, Neox and Shuttle Series. The GBE Series of bass guitar amplifiers consists of the GBE 600, GBE 750, GBE 1200 and GBE 400. Each GBE model amp features an active/passive input stage, tuner out, all solid state design and front panel status LED display.
  • Ashdown Engineering

    Ashdown Engineering builds a full range of bass guitar amps to suit all styles and playing levels. Amplifier models include the Classic, ABM Evo III, MAG EVO II, Electric Blue EVO II, as well as a line of practice bass amps. The Classic Series offers heads, combos and cabinets in various sizes and wattages, such as 500 and 1000 watt Klystron heads and a range of 500 watt combos.
  • Gerhart Amps

    Gehart bass guitar amplifier models include the 1/2 watt Gilmore recording amp, 15 watt single channel Sunset, 30 watt 2 channel Ventura, 50 watt single channel Melrose, the Vanowen, and the 212-50 bass amp.
  • Kustom

    Kustom offers a variety of bass guitar amps, including GROOVE bass heads, G-Series Cabs (available in 8X10, 2X15 and 4X10), Deep End Heads, KBA Combos (ranging from 10 watts to 200 watts), and Deep End Cabs available in either 4X10 or 15" single speaker.
  • Line 6 Amps

    Line 6's LowDwon Series of bass guitar amplifiers are designed for great articulation and bottom end punch ideal for live or studio work. Bass amp models include the Studio 110, LD 150, LD 175, and the LD 300 Pro.
  • SWR

    SWR offers two lines of bass guitar amp: the LA and the WorkingPro Series. The LA Series amplifier is equipped with serious tone and handy features for pros and beginners alike. The WorkingPro Series amp offers full range bass speaker systems.
  • Aguilar Amplification

    Aguilar bass amps come in DB and GS Series. The DB Series have an aggressive midrange to punch through a loud band while maintaining the full-range, musical sound. GS Series bass guitar cabinets feature cast-frame drivers, phenolic tweeters with an integral phase plug, and variable tweeter level control.
  • Roland Bass Amplifiers

    Roland bass amps offer fast response and high quality tone. Two combo-type bass guitar amplifier models (the 210 and 115) offer different wattages and speaker configurations to accommodate a variety of needs and tastes. A powered extension speaker (model 115X) adds another layer of punch for performers who play larger venues.
  • Thunderfunk Bass Amps

    Thunderfunk offers their TFB550-B bass guitar amplifier, featuring an all-aluminum chassis, high quality film caps in the preamp's signal chain, and "humbucking" wire that cancels radiated hum, achieving a level of quiet equivalent to toroid powered bass amps.