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Electric Basses

  • BC Rich

    Electric bass guitar models include the NT Beast, NT Virgin, Virgo Vintage Celtic, Heritage Classic Mockingbird, WMD Widow and Zombie Revenge. BC Rich also offers their Warlock Series of electric bass guitars, including the Warlock, Warlock Paolo, Warlock Vortex, Warlock Revenge and NT Warlock.

  • Fender

    Fender electric bass guitar models include the Precision, Jazz, Jaguar and Mustang. Fender also offers their Artist Signature models, including the American Deluxe, American Standard, American Vintage, Artist, Classic and Deluxe. Fender builds a line of custom electric bass guitars that include the '59 Precision, Reggie Hamilton Jazz Bass, and the '64 Jazz Bass.

  • Rickenbacker

    Rickenbacker offers two main models of electric bass guitar. The 4004 is available in 5 string configurations. The Rickenbacker 4003 is their best selling electric bass guitar and features a maple body and neck, rosewood fingerboard, and a 33 1/4" neck scale length. It is available with or without frets.
  • Alembic

    Alembic manufactures over 10 models of electric bass guitars. These include the Excel, Epic, Orion, Essence, Rogue, Classico, Europa, Signature Standard, Signature Deluxe, Series I and Series II.

  • Modulus

    Modukus Basses offers three electric bass guitars; the Quantum, Modulus VJ, and the Funk Unlimited Bass. Custom options include finish colors, wood choices and 5 or 6 string variations.

  • Gretsch

    Gretsch manufacturers five models of electric bass guitar. The White Falcon Long Scale Hollow Body features twin TV Jones Thunder'Tron pickups, Sperzel locking machine heads, Falcon appointments, and a Space-Control bridge assembly. The Thunder Jet features dual TV Jones Thunder'Tron pickups, a Space Control bridge, and Sperzel locking machine heads. The Electrotone electric bass guitar incl...

  • Ampeg

    The Ampeg ADA4 is a recreation of the original Dan Armstrong “Plexi” electric bass guitar from the late 1960s. The maple ADA4 neck features 24 frets inlaid into an Indian rosewood fingerboard, which when combined with the unique diamond cut acrylic double cutaway body allows a full 2 octave access clear of the body. Custom interchangeable pickups by Kent Armstrong use a unique stacked design w...
  • Carvin

    Carvin offers their Custom Shop electric bass guitars. Construction designs include bolted neck basses, neck-through models, extended scale bass guitars, and acoustic electric basses. Each design has a number of different models available.
  • Peavey

    Peavy manufacturers six styles of electric bass guitar, including the Cirrus Series, Cirrus Custom Shop in 4, 5 and 6 string, Grind Series also in 4, 5 and 6 string, the Zodiac which comes in 5 models, Millinneum, and the Milestone Series bass guitars.

  • Schecter

    Schecter electric bass guitars are pro level in every way, from the fine woods and finishes to the high quality components.  There are well over a dozen models to choose from, including the Stiletto, Omen, Raiden, Riot, Damien, Solo, Diamond, Ultra, Stargazer, Model-T, and Artist series of basses.

  • Gibson

    Gibson's two flagship electric bass guitar models the Thunderbird, based on the Firebird guitar, and the SG Reissue offer bassists the power and performance associated with the Gibson name. Gibson bass guitars offer a smooth and even tonal spectrum and distinctive designs. The Thunderbird features Gibson's TB Plus ceramic magnet humbuckers for a powerful electric bass tone.
  • Ibanez

    Ibanez electric bass guitar models include SR, GSR, SRX, BTB, JTK, ATK, GAX and a selection of artist signature models. The SR Series features a 5 piece maple or rosewood neck, Agathis body, rosewood fingerboard and pearl dot inlay. The ATK Series bass guitars, available in 3 models, features a light ash body, maple fingerboard and black dot inlay.
  • Dean

    Dean manufacturers a wide selection of electric bass guitars including the Razorback, Metalman, Denominator, Edge, Rhapsody, Pace, Bromberg, Zone, Z, ZBX and ML  models. They also carry a line of new Artist bass guitars including the Jeff Berlin Basic.
  • Epiphone

    Epiphone manufactures several electric bass guitars, including the EB and Embassy series, and the Thunderbird and Viola bass guitars. Signature models include the Allen Woody Rumplekat, Jack Casady, Les Paul Special Bass, and the new Slash Signature Les Paul Standard Plus Top.

  • Roscoe Guitars

    Roscoe builds 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 string electric bass guitars entirely by hand. Models include the LG Model, SKB Model, Century Signature Model, and Century Standard Model. Each bass guitar is available with a variety of options starting with woods such as mahogany, Spanish cedar, Swamp ash, alder, myrtle and maple. Other options include finish color, fretboard woods and custom i...

  • David King Bass Guitars

    David King designs electric bass guitar models that are compact, lightweight, perfectly balanced and comfortable. King basses are available in 10 different body styles including the Retro-fit, Sonny, Fauzderra, Kappa, A Bass, B Bass and C bass. Other options include custom pickup configurations and woods such as Swamp ash, alder, Peruvian walnut, sassafras, cherry, koa and maple.  
  • Elrick Bass Guitars

    Elrick electric bass guitars are available in two series; the Gold series with models including the Classic, E-volution and New Jazz Standard; and the Platinum series which offers the Classic Platinum and E-volution Platinum. All Platinum Series bass guitar models include figured wood tops, as well as bodies of Swamp ash or alder, necks constructed of quartersawn hard maple with graphite stiffenin...
  • Skjold Design Basses

    Skjold Design Guitars are available in 4 series of electric bass models, including the Stage Series, Pro Series, Custom Series and Exotic Custom Series. Each is available in one of four body styles; Standard '92, Offset '92, Standard Whaleback, and Offset Whaleback. Standard bass guitar features include a select two piece body, a custom Hipshot bridge, 4, 5, 6 and 7 string configurations, and a wi...