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  • Gibson

    Gibson offers a wide variety of banjo models. At the top of the Gibson lineup is the Super Earl, the Earl Scruggs Flint Hill Special, and the Gibson Christmas Banjo. Some of the most popular Gibson models include the Style 1 Custom, the RB-75, and the J.D. Crowe "Black Jack". Rounding out the Gibson lineup is the Earl Scruggs Standard banjo, the Earl Scruggs Golden Deluxe, the Gibson Granada He...

  • Deering Banjo Company (Vega)

    Deering truly is the Great American Banjo Company. They offer a vast array of 4, 5 and 6 string models and manufacture the Deering, Goodtime, Tenbrooks and Vega banjo lines. The Deering line consists of over 40 models to choose from, with the top of the line Banjosaurus Long Neck and Gabriella 5-String leading the way. Their Vega banjo models come in over a dozen styles, with the Vega Dragon St...

  • Gold Tone

    Gold Tone manufactures many banjo types, including bluegrass, openback, banjitars (6 string banjos), travel/children's models, 4 string banjo models, electric banjos, cello banjos, alternative banjos, banjo ukuleles, tenor models and banjo kits. Gold Tone builds instruments for beginners, midline players and professionals alike. They have 10 string banjo models as well. Video -

  • Savannah

    Savannah offers over half a dozen banjo models, including the SB-100 24 bracket, the SB-106 six string, the SB-100 planetary, the SB-300 tone ring, the SB-070 open back, the SB-080 18 bracket, the SB-060 travel banjo, and the SB-100-L left handed banjo.

  • Morgan Monroe

    Morgan Monroe makes 9 different banjos to include the MGB-1, MGB-1C, Matterhorn, Raised Head, Cascade, Appalachia, MNB-1C, MNB-1 and the Cameron.  Morgan Monroe also builds banjo mandolins, banjo ukes, and travel banjos. All their instruments come with a lifetime warranty.

  • Wildwood Banjos

    Wildwood offers two distinct styles of banjo models; the Traditional Style and the Bluegrass Style. In the Traditional Style you will find the Minstrel, Troubador, Heirloom and Balldeer banjo models. In the Bluegrass Style are the Artist, Paragon and Soloist string banjo models. Tenor and Plectrum models, and optional tone rings are available as well.

  • Beardsell Guitars

    The Beardsell Banger is a an electro acoustic banjo designed at the request of banjo great Bill Evans and avante garde instrumentalist Henry Kaiser. This electric banjo features Alnico hand wound pickups and custom knobs, and construction that combines banjo, dobro and archtop design. The arched dome of the "skin" offers the percussive nature of the banjo with stability and sustain that can be amp...
  • Chuck Lee Banjo Company

    Chuck Lee builds about a dozen banjo models, including the Chautaqua, Marble Falls, Bug Tussle, Chalk Mountain, Glen Rose, Cottonwood, Badger, Prairieville, Ovilla, Deep Hollow, Lone Star Deluxe and the Rose Hill. Custom options such as inlay work and bracket bands are available. He has several inlay materials; shell, stone, metals, woods and woolly mammoth ivory to make each banjo unique.

  • Nechville

    Nechville builds both electric and acoustic banjo models. Acoustic banjos include the Geometric Eclipse, Classic, Moonshine, Nextar, Phanton and Vintage models. Electric banjos include the Meteor, the Six Shooter and the Cosmos Meteor models. Each banjo is available with a variety of custom options such as a compound radiused fingerboard, 5th string, frame upgrades, and custom inlay options.  ...

  • Bishline Banjos

    Rob Bishline hand-builds his banjo models. There are many models to choose from, including the Heirloom, Salty Dog, Scissor Tail, Midnight Moon, Classic, Cardinal,  Blue Bayou, Roc and the Tree of Life. Every banjo is made with the finest of materials. Customized options include different woods, tone rings, rims, necks, headstocks, fingerboards, hardware, inlays and extras.

  • OME Banjos

    OME string banjos are built with carefully selected woods including Curly maple for the neck, rim and resonator. Mahogany, walnut and rosewood are available upon request. Banjo models include the Grand Artist, Artist, Custom and Vintage. The OME banjo fingerboard, peghead overlay and heel cap are made of durable African ebony or striking Brazilian rosewood and are artistically inlayed with colorfu...
  • Hartel Banjos

    Hartel Minstrel banjos are made after models from the 1800’s. Each banjo is individually handcrafted using the dimensions and patterns from the originals. The models James Hartel offers are the William E. Boucher Jr. c. 1850, the “no name” c. 1850, the James Ashborn c. 1852, the Henry Stichter c. 1848, the Reed Martin c. 1880, and the Joel W. Sweeney c. 1840. All these models are reproduc...

  • Huber Banjos

    Huber banjos are one of the finest in modern banjo construction, but are a reproduction of the great pre-war flatheads of the 1930’s. Huber offers a variety of models, including the Lancaster, the Kalamazoo, the Roanoke, the Lexington, the Jim Mills model, the Berkshire, the Ron Block model and the Sammy Shelor model. Each banjo comes with the same standard features, but they differ in the ma...

  • Fielding Banjos

    Fielding string banjos are hand carved and custom built one at a time. Each banjo can be customized to fit each artist's needs. Fielding offers five different banjo models, including the Vermonter, the Rooster, the Wiley, the Zenith and the Catamount. Some of their standard features consist of maple or cherry rims, renaissance heads, two-way adjustable neck rods, geared tuning pegs, bone nuts a...

  • Huss & Dalton

    Huss & Dalton offers a number of banjo models to choose from. The Owens Mill Banjo is a 1930's style with a sand cast flat-head tone ring. The Cedar Forest Mill banjo features more traditional ivorid bindings with "bat" pattern inlays. The Engraved Owens Mill features a beautiful painted engraving of Owens Mill (a place that the Dalton family once called home) on the back and neck of the instrume...
  • Stelling Banjo

    Stelling Banjo models include the Staghorn, Bellflower, Master Flower, Red Fox, Sunflower and the Virginian. Stellings flagship string banjo, the Staghorn, has been in production for over 30 years and features walnut wood and nickel plating. Other options include a radiused fingerboard, gold plated parts and engraving.

  • Petrella Banjos

    Petrella makes custom and lightweight banjos.  Dan Petrella's traditional models use many of the tried and true tone rims of older, pre-war models similar to those used by Gibson, Vega Vox, and Bacon and Day.  He does his own carving and inlay work using quality pearl, abalone and semi-precious stones. Dan specializes i...
  • Doc's Banjos

    Patrick "Doc" Huff builds mostly open-backed banjo models. Each string banjo is custom built for each customer. You have a choice of your length, wood, pot size, tailpiece and hardware. Some woods include bibinga, Black walnut, Wild Oregon cherry, ebony, granadilla, padouk, wenge, mahogany, cocobolo, maple, rosewood and guanacoste. You can also add a frailing scoop, a frailing platform, an inte...