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Vintage Amplifiers (Dealers, Parts, Repair...)

  • Vintage Amp Restoration

    Vintage Amp Restoration offers the restoration of amps and speaker reconing. Their restoration includes 60s and 70s Vinyl covering and grill, 60s and 70s Metal Corners, Handles - Black or Blue Leather, Chrome, Logos - Engraved Lucite, Chrome, Portaflex Latches, Shock Mounts, Tremolo Modules, Dollies, Replacement Cabinets and Parts, Expert Recovering, Pro Speaker Reconing, New and Used Speakers....

  • Vintage Amp Repair

    Vintage Amp Repair performs maintenance, restoration and custom modifications on all makes and models of audio tube amplifiers including Fender, Marshall, Vox, Gibson, and Hiwatt. Customers are invited to call and discuss repairs, pricing and logistics to and from their facility in Ohio.

  • Fliptops

    Fliptop offer a comprehensive source of parts for restoring and repairing your vintage and modern Ampeg amplifiers. They also offer a full line of services including repairing and reconing speakers, repairing of amplifiers and custom cabinets. Other classic amp parts are available for brands such as Sunn, Traynor, Hiwatt, Fender Vox, Marshall and much more. 

  • SDG Vintage

    SDG Vintage offers kits and parts for many different amplifiers. They have Audio Note and Mundorf Signal Capacitors available. They also offer the Signiture Reverb Amp which is based on a very classic design (AB763). Premium VCap Teflon capacitors are also available for some amp models.
  • Watkins Guitar World

    Watkins Guitar World is dedicated solely to WEM amps and combos. They also offer the restoration of many other vintage amplifiers.

  • Andrews Amp Lab

    Andrews Amp Lab offers expert guitar amp repair and tone resurrection. They also offer their own line of Andrew amplifier, the A-22. Its design produces RMS of approximately 22 watts before clipping from a pair of EL84 output tubes operating in class A/B mode with adjustable fixed-bias. In the preamp and phase inverter circuits either two or three 12AX7s and one 12AU7 are used.

  • Sligo Amps

    Sligo Amps offers vintage custom hand wired amplifiers at affordable prices. Sligo builds custom assembly hand wired amplifiers and offer almost 20 different models that you can choose from.

  • Kustom Combos Vintage Amp Collection

    Kustom Combos vintage amplifiers offers a collection of amps from Brian Sawyer, with over 30 different models of Kustom Combos, Kustom 100 Piggybacks, and Kustom 200 Piggybacks to choose from.
  • Mojo Musical Supply

    Mojo Musical Supply offers vintage guitar amplifier parts, such as Roccaforte switchers, amps upgrade kits, switching soldered assembly, and higher watt heads.

  • MetroAmp

    MetroAmp has a dedication to reproducing replicas of vintage amplifiers by Marshall. They also supply builders with restoration grade parts. Their amp kits include everything from complete instructions, accurate component values and chassis layouts, and vintage spec transformers.

  • Cold Spring Electrical Works

    Cold Spring Electrical Works specializes in hard to find New Old Stock Vacuum Tubes from the 1940s-1960s for Guitar Amps, and Vintage Jensen, Oxford, Utah, and Celestion speakers. They always have a selection of Vintage Guitars and Amps in stock, and have miscellaneous parts for sale at any given time.

  • Blankenship Amplification

    Blankenship Amplification manufactures hand-built tube amplifiers that offer pre-1964 tonal architecture. Products include the FATboy series, the LEEDS21 series, and the VariPlex series. Contact Blankenship Amplification for pricing, custom orders and modifications.
  • Angel Music

    Established in 1994, Angel Music is one of the UK's leading vintage and quality s/h guitar and amplifier dealers. They also incorporate JPF Amplification, their onsite amp builders and repairers.

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