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Resonator and Dobro Guitars

  • National Resophonic Guitars

    National is a fine maker of resonator acoustic guitars. In fact, they invented the resonator. The Dobro Guitar Company came to being shortly thereafter as a response to the overwhelming success of the National brand. National offers single-cone biscuits, single-cone spiders and tricones. Each one of these resonator guitars comes in multiple models. The single-cone biscuits come in multiple bras...

  • Dobro (by Gibson)

    Dobro is a trade name now owned by Gibson and used for a particular design of acoustic resonator guitar. Originally known as the Dobro Manufacturing Company it came, in time, to mean any resonator guitar, specifically a single resonator cone design. Gibson now offers Dobro resonator guitars in a variety of roundneck and squareneck models.

  • Johnson Guitars

    Johnson Guitars is a fine manufacture of resonator dobro acoustic guitars. They offer three different models: Bottle Slide Triolian, Delta Blues, and the Swamp Stomper. The Swamp Stomper is an electric resonator dobro. Each model has very unique aspects and are built to perfection.

  • Delta Resonator Guitars by John Alderson

    All acoustic resonator guitars are hand built by John Alderson. Every dobro guitar is built to order, so it can be tailored to your particular requirements regarding finish, scale length and a whole host of other options. Cool Delta Resonator Video Performance

  • Adams Resonator Guitars

    Adams Resonator Guitars offers 4 main guitars, the Baltic Birch Basic, Baltic Birch Sunburst, Curley Maple Pro, Claro Walnut Pro. These are single cone acoustic resonator dobro style guitar models. All have either a gloss or satin finish, open sound-post system, and claro walnut fretboards. Owned and built by James Adams.

  • R.E. Phillips Metal Guitars

    R.E. Phillips has been building metal and wood bodies resonator guitars since 1992. Ron has built many resonators for players of the Country Blues genre, including John Jackson, John Cephas, Del Rey, Steve James, Robert Lowery, Andra Faye, Annie Raines, Cathy Fink and others. All of Ron's designs are inspired by his interest in the Art Deco period.
  • Beard

    Beard builds a variety of resonator guitars, including squareneck, roundneck and custom designs. There are over 10 models to choose from. The first Beard resonator guitar was delivered to a customer in 1985. Beard has achieved many milestones in the design of resonators, including the first "R" body and open soundwell construction.
  • Allen Resophonic Guitars

    Allen Resophonic Guitars is a respected resonator dobro guitar company. Their main acoustic guitar being the Allen Squareneck Resophonic with Flamed Koa Back Sides, German Spruce Top, shell trim, shell inlayed fret markers, with wood binding, high quality hardware including cast Allen tailpiece. Also offers many resonator parts.
  • Clinesmith Instruments

    Clinesmith resonator dobro guitars are hand crafted and made of only solid woods that are personally chosen from thousands of board feet. These acoustic style guitars come in 6, 7 or 8 string models, and consist of a variety of woods. All his standard resonator dobro guitar models come with hardshell cases, Schaller tuners, genuine quarterman cones, #14 spider ebony, fret boards, bone nuts, ebony-...
  • S.B. MacDonald Custom Guitars

    S.B. MacDonald builds custom resonator electric guitars that are made strictly by special order. Each guitar is designed around the needs, spirit and personality of the customer. He insists on getting to know as much about each customer and their music before the design and construction of their resonator begins. Each one of his instruments is as unique as its owner. He has also designed electric ...
  • Ellis Guitars

    Ellis offers three models of acoustic resonator dobro guitars. The first model is the single cone resonator. The neck is genuine mahogany, its body is nickel platted brass, its cover plate is a chickenfoot design, the fingerboard is Madagascar ebony and it has 19 frets. The second model dobro is the Jeff Martin seven string harp guitar. This is the same as the single cone resonator except its f...

  • Fender Resonator Guitars

    Fender acoustic resonator guitars come in four different models: the FR-48, the FR-50, the FR-50 square neck and the FR-50CE. The FR-48 resonator dobro model includes a chromed steel body, a rosewood fingerboard, a 25” scale and custom Fender F-hole. FR-50 model resonator dobro guitar includes a spruce top, mahogany back and sides, a rosewood fingerboard, a 24.75” scale and die-cast chrome ...

  • Goldtone Resonator Guitars

    Goldtone manufactures four distinct models of acoustic resonator dobro guitars: the PBS-DLX, the PBS, the PBR-DLX and the PBR. The PBS-DLX has a square neck with an ebony fingerboard, maple back and sides, and a high gloss tobacco sunburst finish. The PBS resonator dobro guitar is the same as the deluxe but with a high gloss vintage mahogany finish. The PBR-DLX model has a round neck with an eb...

  • Wechter Guitars

    Wechter guitars offer four elite series of resonator dobro guitars: 9000 series, 6000 series, 5000 series and 3000 series. The elite 9000 series acoustic resonator guitar consists of 7completely different models. The 6000 series were designed by master luthier Tim Scheerhorn and consists of 5 different models. The 5000 series or resonator dobro guitar has solid spruce tops, scalloped braces, ro...

  • Benoit Guitars

    Benoit Guitars offer five different models of acoustic resonator dobro style guitars: the MB-128, the BB-120, the MM-131, the MME-114 and the MB-126. The MB-128 has an ebony fretboard, a curly maple neck, a European flame maple top, figured bubinga back and sides, and a Gotoh tuning machine. The BB-120 resonator dobro guitar has an ebony fretboard, a curly maple neck, a big leaf maple top, birdsey...
  • Amistar Resophonic Guitars

    Amistar is a fine manufacture of very intricate and unique metal and wooden acoustic resonator dobro style guitars. The metal guitar models come in tricone and single cone, while the wooden instruments only come in single cone. Extremely detailed.
  • Larry Pogreba Custom Guitars

    Bonnie Raitt, Keb' Mo and David Lindley all play Pogreba resonator guitars. Larry's designs are original, many look and sound like nothing else. His aluminum body resonator is a prime example. The aluminum makes for a lighter weight instrument, which is very important in the resonator guitar world.
  • Rayco Resophonic Guitars

    Rayo builds resonator guitar models only with the highest standards using figured maple, mahogany, rosewood and more. All these resonator dobro style acoustic guitars come with solid wood construction, "nut-serts" with stainless steel bolts, dovetailed neck joints, ebony fretboards, maple bridge inserts and Schaller tuners.