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Left Handed Acoustic Guitar Dealers

  • Sam Ash

    Sam Ash carries many different models of Taylor and Martin left handed acoustic guitars. They also offer Ovation, Ibanez, Yamaha, Fender, Takamine and Dean lefties. Sam Ash carries an extensive line of left handed electric guitar models as well.

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    Sam Ash
    National Retailer
  • Adirondack Guitar

    Adirondack stocks a selection of left handed acoustic instruments from Crafter, Daisy Rock, Oscar Schmidt (Washburn), Larivee, Boulder Creek, DBZ and Takamine. They also carry left handed parlor, travel and resonator acoustic guitar models.

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    Adirondack Guitar
    Hudson Falls, NY
  • Left Handed Guitars

    A UK left handed acoustic guitar dealer stocking brands like Aria, Adam Black, Fender, Taylor, Cort, Tanglewood and Yamaha. They also carry left handed bass and acoustic electric models.

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    Left Handed Guitars
  • Guitar Center

    Guitar Center offers a variety of left handed acoustic instruments from manufacturers such as Seagull, Taylor, Martin, Daisy Rock, Fender, Ibanez and Yamaha.

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    Guitar Center
    National Retailer
  • Fuller's Vintage Guitar

    Fuller's Vintage offers a variety of vintage left handed acoustic guitar models. Typically, you can find such brands as Taylor, Martin and Gibson. They also have vintage left handed electric instruments.

  • zZounds Music

    zZounds Music offers a selection of left handed acoustic guitars by Alvarez, Ibanez and Fender. They also offer left handed bass and electric models.

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    zZounds Music
    Oakland, NJ
  • SouthPaw Guitars

    Southpaw carries a variety of left handed acoustic guitar models, including Alvarez and Alvarez-Yairi, Cordoba-Giagante gypsy jazz instruments, Dean, Fender, Gibson, Guild, Jay Turser, KONA, Michael Kelly, Martin, Ovation, Stagg, Takamine, Taylor and Washburn left handed models.

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    SouthPaw Guitars
    Houston, TX
  • Guitar Stop

    The Guitar Stop, located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is a dealer of left handed acoustic instruments, as well as acoustic electric, electric and bass models.

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    Guitar Stop
    Cambridge, MA
  • Stafford Classical Guitar Centre

    Stafford Classical, located in the UK, offers left handed classical guitars. Brands include Contreras with spruce or cedar tops, and Alhambra cedar top models.

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    Stafford Classical Guitar Centre
  • Jerry's Lefty Guitars

    Jerry's carries left handed acoustic guitar models from manufactures such as Anderson, Baden, Bourgeois, Collings, Eastman, Goodall, Huss & Dalton, Larrivee, Pantheon, Reverend, Santa Cruz, Timberline, Trussart, Warwick and more.

  • Folkway Music

    Folkway Music typically carries left handed acoustic guitars and resonator models from some of the higher end builders, including Taylor, Santa Cruz, National, Larivee and Breedlove.

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    Folkway Music
    Toronto, Canada
  • MusiciansBuy

    MusiciansBuy offers left handed acoustic guitars such as the Seagull Coastline S12+ LEFT Hand Quantum, LaPatrie Concert Classical Guitar Left Hand Quantum, and LaPatrie Etude Left Handed Classical.

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    West Palm Beach, FL
  • Chappell of Bond Street

    Chappell of Bond Street in the UK offers a selection of acoustic, classical and electric left handed guitar models, plus chord and scale books.

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    Chappell of Bond Street
  • Guitarbitz

    Guitarbitz is an online UK shop that offers left handed acoustic guitar models by Aria, Ashton, Falcon, Lorenzo, Tanglewood, Vintage, Washburn and Yamaha. They also offer left handed electric and bass instruments.

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  • Sweetwater

    Sweetwater carries left handed acoustic guitar brands such as Fender and Taylor. They also carry many lefty resonator models by Wechter.

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    National Retailer
  • ActiveMusician

    ActiveMusician is a dealer of the left handed acoustic guitar brands by Oscar Schmidt (Washburn), J. Reynolds, Fender, Dean, Daisy Rock, Ibanez, Ovation and Sierra.

    DV247, located in the UK, is a dealer of left handed acoustic guitars from Tanglewood, Taylor, Fender, Yamaha, Washburn, Encore, Ibanez and Ashton. They also offer left handed electric and bass instruments.

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  • Musician's Friend

    Musician' Friend carries Rogue, Fender, Washburn, Ibanez, Martin, Yamaha, Seagull, Guild, Taylor and Daisy Rock left handed acoustic guitar models in a variety of sizes, including travel size.