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UK Classical & Flamenco Guitar Luthiers

  • Simon Ambridge

    Simon Ambridge builds four classical nylon string guitar models. His standard concert guitar is the Series 40, featuring European spruce for the soundboard and either Brazilian or Indian rosewood for the back and sides. The three other acoustic classical models Simon offers are called the Torres, the Hauser and the Panormo.

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    Simon Ambridge
    Dartington, Devon
  • Ainsworth Guitars

    John Ainsworth has been crafting fine classical, flamenco and baroque guitars for over 25 years, from his workshop in the UK. Ainsworth acoustic instruments are available from selected guitar centers and also directly from his workshop in Lancashire.

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    Ainsworth Guitars
  • Stuart Mewburn Guitars

    Stuart Mewburn has been building acoustic classical and flamenco guitars for over 25 years in the UK. Stuart will give you updates as your nylon string instrument is being built. Cutaways and amplification are available options. Necks can be made to your specifications. Flamenco models are also available.

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    Stuart Mewburn Guitars
  • James Lister

    James Lister builds classical nylon string acoustic guitars in the UK made in the Spanish tradition. James' guitar philosophy is to make each instrument light and responsive with clarity and separation. These classical guitars are built in the Torres tradition, specifically to a 1938 Hauser. European spruce is typically used for the guitar tops. Backs and sides can be made of anything from Birds E...

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    James Lister
  • Nava Guitars

    Gary Nava is a UK luthier working on his own in his one man shop. Gary builds hand made classical nylon string guitars and other fretted instruments. Acoustic instruments are his specialty. He can even build you a baritone ukulele or a 7 string ergonomic electric if you so desire. Gary works closely with his clients through every step of the building process.

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    Nava Guitars
    West London
  • Nicholas Scott

    Nicholas Scott is a maker of Smallman Type classical guitars. Red cedar soundboards and rosewood bodies are featured. These fine acoustic instruments utilize a rigid and heavy back, sides and neck to minimize energy from the strings being lost. A light, but strong, lattice network allows the preserved energy to excite the lightweight soundboard of the guitar.

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    Nicholas Scott
  • David Merrin

    David Merrin personally chooses all the woods used in the making of his fine classical nylon string guitars in the UK. The main woods used for his acoustic instruments are Alpine spruce for the soundboard, Indian rosewood for the back and sides, cedar for the neck and ebony for the fretboard. Alessi machine heads are used on each instrument.

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    David Merrin
    Olney, Bucks
  • Earl S. Marsh

    All Earl Marsh classical guitar models have a double thickness binding on the bass side of the instrument. This provides extra comfort because the binding is rounded off significantly. Soundboards of these classical nylon string acoustic guitars is made from the best European spruce available. Blake Robson tuning machines are used.

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    Earl S. Marsh
    Boston Lincs
  • Peter Barton

    Peter Barton builds classical nylon string acoustic guitars in the UK based on some of the great makers of the 20th century. The majority of his classical guitars are based on the form of the Hauser and Romanillos models. Peter even builds a Macaferri style of classical instrument.

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    Peter Barton
    Addingham, West Yorkshire
  • Aram Guitars

    Kevin Aram is one of the top makers of classical nylon string acoustic guitars in the UK. He has built over 300 instruments over the last 20 years, most being small body spruce top designs. Each guitar is individually hand made. Kevin offers the "Torres" model and the "Aram" model.

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    Aram Guitars
    Torrington, Devon
  • Stephen Cadney

    Stephen Cadney, a luthier in the UK, makes classical guitars that are based on the methods of the master makers Antonio de Torres, Hermann Hauser, and others. These acoustic instruments offer a bright and focused sound. Each nylon string guitar is made of spruce, rosewood, maple and other woods to suit the particular instrument.

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    Stephen Cadney
    Didsbury, Manchester
  • Christopher Dean

    Christopher Dean is a maker of classical nylon string guitars in the UK. The majority of his acoustic instruments are Concert style. Spruce or cedar are used for the tops. The back/sides are Indian rosewood with necks made of South American cedar. Other classical guitar models offered by Christopher Dean include the "Torres", a "7 String" model, and a "Drop Shoulder" model.

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    Christopher Dean
    Kingham, Oxfordshire
  • Paul Fischer

    Paul Fischer began his instrument making career back in 1956. He is one of the foremost builders of classical nylon string guitars in the UK. Paul boasts clients from more than 20 countries. Check out his gallery of fine acoustic instruments.

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    Paul Fischer
    Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire
  • T.A. Johnson Guitars

    T.A. Johnson offers a classical guitar model with a 650mm scale, rosewood back/sides, Swiss pine top, mahogany or cedar neck, and an ebony fingerboard (rosewood available).
  • Rohan Lowe

    Rohan Lowe is a luthier in the UK who has made acoustic classical guitars since 1993 in the Spanish tradition of Antonio de Torres, inspired by great makers like Santos-Hernandez, Hauser and Domingo Esteso. Flamenco guitars are available as well.

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    Rohan Lowe
  • A.J. Lucas

    A.J. Lucas builds two classical nylon string acoustic guitar models. The "Radial" has a big sound and a striking appearance. The "Santos" is a little sweeter sounding with a more conventional appearance. Both classical guitar models are hand crafted one at a time.
  • Michael P. Nalysnyk (Historical Guitars)

    Michael P. Nalysnyk is a UK luthier specializing in baroque, romantic and classical guitars. His nylon string model is built in the torres and Hauser tradition and is a small bodied instrument. European spruce tops and Indian rosewood or maple back/sides are used.

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    Michael P. Nalysnyk (Historical Guitars)
  • Shaun Newman Guitars

    All Shaun Newman classical guitar models are made in the concert style, using only the finest materials. Backs and sides are made of Brazilian or Indian rosewood, cypress, lacewood, maple or zebrano. Most tops are made of European spruce (usually Engelmann). Check out Shaun's gallery of nylon string acoustic instruments made in the UK.

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    Shaun Newman Guitars