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Classical Guitar Luthiers

  • Connor Guitars

    Fine classical guitars that deliver outstanding power and projection while offering clarity. Offers many different acoustic nylon string guitar models which include the Angel Romero Special Edition, the Brazilian Rosewood, the Madacascar Rosewood, the Indian Rosewood, the Cypress Flamenco, the Maple/Koa and the Multi-String Custom models. Uses spruce and cedar woods for the sound boards and ros...

  • Francisco Navarro

    Variety of classical and flamenco guitars made from Torres, Contreras and Romanillos designs. Four different guitar models include student, concert, grand concert and special grand concert. All the acoustic models together consist of eleven different classical nylon string guitars and four different flamencos. The types of top woods include different cedars and spruces. The back and sides woods...

  • Cervantes

    Brazilian, Cocobolo and Indian Rosewood classical nylon string acoustic guitar models are offered here, as well as Flamenco guitars with Spruce tops and Cypress backs. Studio models with Palo Escrito backs and Cedar tops, as well as an Avant-garde and Crossover Series are available as well.

  • Eric Monrad

    Fine hand-built flamenco and classical guitars. These nylon string acoustic instruments are built using a Romanillos body shape and size, and a Miguel Rodriguez bracing pattern of five fans and a bridge patch. Eric uses spruce, cedar, rosewood and ebony wood, which is stickered and air dried for years in a climate-controlled shop. Classical guitar models are built with Indian or Madagascar rose...

  • Collins Guitar

    Michael Collins handcrafts his custom classical and flamenco acoustic guitars with strong trebles and rich bases. Offers a variety of nylon string guitar models, including small Torres and Ramirez designs. Woods include European, Sitka and Engelmann Spruce for top woods. Indian Rosewood, Cocobolo, American Cherry, Curly or Quilted Maple, Mahogany, Palo Escrito, Wenge, and other woods are availa...

  • Boaz Elkayam

    Boaz Elkayam is a virtuoso classical guitarist who builds handmade acoustic guitars. Among his offerings are the Concert Classical guitar, the Concert Flamenco guitar, the Clarita Negra, and a Jazz guitar. The Concert Classical is made of Brazilian rosewood that is over 20 years dry. The tops are made of cedar or spruce. The Clarita Negra brings a new acoustic approach to classical guitar building...
  • Holst Custom Stringed Instruments

    Developed with classical guitarists, as well as performing jazz and pop musicians in mind, these acoustic classical guitars are made to meet each player's individual needs. Soundboards are constructed in the "double top" style where the top is composed of three laminated layers. Holst custom classical guitar models are offered in a wide variety of neck shapes, nut sizes, scale lengths, and fingerb...
  • Dake Traphagen

    Nine separate classical nylon string acoustic guitar models are available, comprising three standard models, one 8-string, one cutaway, one flamenco, one French baroque and two 35th anniversary series models. Dake many different types of woods on his classical guitars, such as European and Engelmann spruce, red cedar, Brazilian and Honduras rosewood, and Spanish cypress. His standard guitar dimens...
  • Elliot Guitars

    Classical nylon string acoustic guitars that are based on the Torres/Hauser tradition in design and tailored to the individual. Offers standard classical guitar models, multi-string models and cut-away models. The basic nylon string guitar has either a spruce (European or engelmann) or cedar top; East Indian rosewood, cocobolo, European maple or mahogany back and sides; Spanish cedar or Honduras m...
  • John H. Dick

    John H. Dick has been building classical guitars since 1993. The only models he offers employ the "double top" method of construction. These are concert level classical guitars with many options for wood choices.

  • Manuel Contreras II

    Contreras' workshop was founded in 1962 and is now operated by his son. The top line classical concert guitar models combine four different systems of construction. The second level classical concert guitar models use a different selection of woods. The Study models are made in a non-artisan way of construction.

  • Cervantes

    Cervantes is a second generation company building classical guitars ranging from studio to concert level since 1955. Cervantes offers five different series' of guitars, including their Signature Series, Concert Series, Studio Series, Steel String Series and Avant Garde Series.
  • Hill Guitar Co.

    Kenny Hill has been building classical guitars for more than 35 years. He offers three series' of instruments, including his top of the line Signature Series. The Performance Series are the lower priced classical guitar models. The Master Series are modeled after the great guitars of the past. Kenny also offers his New World Guitars that feature a variety of lower cost imported guitars designed by...
  • Fraulini Guitars

    Todd Cambio runs Fraulini Guitars out of Madison, WI. These classical guitars are modeled after the classic designs of the Golden Era of guitar construction, the early 20th century. All instruments are built entirely by hand. There are well over a half dozen different classical guitar models to choose from.
  • Hippner Guitars

    Darren Hippner has built about 40 classical guitars a year over his 10 year career as a luthier. These are concert level acoustic instruments. Everything is built exclusively by hand. Darren strives for a well balanced, focused and responsive dynamic range with lots of overtones and depth. He also builds Flamenco and steel string acoustic guitars.
  • JS Bogdanovich Guitars

    John Bogdanovich will hand build you a classical guitar to your exact specifications. John uses standard dimensions but can make exceptions. Three scale lengths are offered, 640, 650, and 656mm. All of John's instruments are built with 5mm of space between the outer strings and the edge of the neck.

  • Sand Guitars

    Kirk Sand first started building classical guitars in 1979. Kirk met Chet Atkins in 1989 when he brought one of his nylon electric guitars to Nashville for Chet to try. Chet took the guitar to Gibson where Kirk's design was added to their amplified nylon string guitar line. The guitar was named the "Studio Classic".
  • Paul Fischer

    Paul Fischer began building his classical guitars in 1956 in the UK. He now has clients in over 20 countries. A sampling of guitarists who play or have played Fischer classical guitars include Alice Artzt, Pepe Martinez, Assad Brothers, Marcelo Kayath, Ruben Riera, Jukka Savioki, Amsterdam Guitar Trio, Eduardo Fernandez, John Mills, the list goes on and on. Paul Fischer is a classical guitar ma...