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Boutique Acoustic Flattops

  • Ervin Somogyi

    Ervin Somogyi offers five acoustic steel string guitar models; dreadnought, Mod-D, jumbo, OM or 000 and OO models as well as classical and Flamenco style guitars. Options offered including a wide range of custom detailing such as tapered bodies, butt inlays, fingerboard extensions and more.

  • Jeff Traugott

    Another limited production, one-man shop offering a variety of acoustic guitar models, including an 00 model and guitar models R & BK. All guitars are constructed with Indian Rosewood and German Spruce tops. Jeff Traugott also offers the Model RE, an acoustic electric guitar with available cutaway.

  • James Olson

    James Olson hand crafts acoustic guitars in four body styles; the Jumbo, Dreadnought, SJ and Parlor as well as a 12 string model. Standard guitar features include Ebony bridge, fingerboard and headstock, and choice of Abalone or wooden purflings. Acoustic guitar options include custom inlays, carved heels and headstock inlays. James Olson also collaborated with James Taylor to build a custom Ja...

  • Kim Walker

    Kim Walker offers a variety of handmade archtop and flat-top acoustic guitars. The primary archtop model is the Excel, a prewar style archtop featuring ebony inlays on the peghead and fretboard. Flat-top acoustic guitar models include 0, 00, 000-12 (a 12 fret guitar), OM, SJ, and both 16" and 17" Jumbos. All flat-top acoustic guitars are available with either classic or traditional shaped heads...

  • Linda Manzer

    Linda Manzer hand selects each piece of spruce, cedar, rosewood, maple, ebony and mahogany to create the structural harmony and specific tonal qualities of a one-of-a-kind acoustic guitar. Linda's most popular acoustic guitar, The Manzer has been described as "a superb sounding and versatile guitar, combining volume and definition with durability" and features Indian Rosewood back and sides, Eb...

  • Mario Beauregard

    Mario Beauregard builds acoustic guitars by hand.  Guitar offerings include an"OM" deeper bodied orchestra model (25" scale), a Mod-D dreadnought with rounder shoulders and higher waist for playing comfort, and an SJ smaller jumbo with tighter bass response. Backs of Mario's acoustic guitars are either Brazilian or East Indian Rosewood, or Quilted Mahogany.

  • Michi Matsuda

    Michi Matsuda learned his craft from the legendary Ervin Somogyi. It has been said that Michi can "make wood melt". His acoustic guitars offer unique designs. Models include the Style M1 (modified OM), Style M2 (modified 00), a Nylon strings model, a Flamenco crossover model, and the Style Mini.

  • James Goodall

    James Goodall offers many acoustic guitar models to choose from, including parlor, grand concert, concert jumbo, standard, jumbo, aloha, pacific, royal hawaiian, baritone, dreadnaught, long dreadnaught, OOO, and a crossover model. Many different tonewoods are available for all acoustic guitars as well. Other options include 12 string, left handed, neck widths, cutaway, inlays, tuners, etc.

  • Greenfield Guitars

    Michael Greenfield hand crafts custom acoustic guitars. Each instrument is built to customer specifications. Steel stringed guitars are available in five different models, the G1, G2, G3, G4 and the Baritone GB model. Standard features include Spruce parabolic soundboard, Brazilian Rosewood back and sides, optional cutaway, Abalone and Maple rosette, and Mahogany neck.
  • Froggy Bottom - Michael Millard

    Froggy Bottom offers small sized acoustic guitars (parlors, concerts, and grand concerts), full sized acoustic guitars (many sizes including dreadnaughts), and jumbo guitar models. All acoustic guitar models come in standard, limited, deluxe and custom grades. Top wood spruces include sitka, engleman, german and adirondack (red). Back and side woods include indian, brazilian, and madagascar rosewo...
  • Hiro Ebata

    Hiro Ebata spent several years in the shop of Ervin Somogyi at the same time as Michi Matsuda and Mario Beauregard. Acoustic guitar models offered include his E1, Style D, Style OM, and Style J. Hiro also offers a classical guitar. The E1 has a dreadnaught type sound but is designed for fingerstyle guitar. The Style D is a dread with the classic wide and dynamic sound. The Ebata OM has a "less ...

  • Rod Schenk

    Rod Schenk learned guitar luthiery from his friend and mentor Kevin Ryan. Rod builds four basic models, including his FE Grand Fingerstyle, GK Concert Windwalker, RD Nashville Flattpicker, and Ophirio Model. Rod also produces a number of series' of acoustic guitar, including the Ophiro, Player, Custom, Insignia, Killer Koa Collection, and Franco Morone Signature series. Rod Schenk acoustic guit...

  • McElroy Guitars

    McElroy guitars hand crafts each acoustic instrument to match the tone, strength, playability, and aesthetic beauty desired by the customer. Guitar models include the 14 fret Standard, OOO, OM, Classical (based on the 1937 Hauser) and OO.

  • Simon Fay

    Simon Fay builds a contemporary redesign of the traditional Martin OM blended with the beauty of the classical guitar. Each Simon Fay acoustic guitar has an emphasis on clarity, note separation and balance. Every creation can handle fingerstyle to heavy strumming. The body depth at the tail is 4.5". This offers more volume to the body than most OM designs, resulting in a bigger sound.

  • Ray Kraut

    Ray Kraut builds some of the finest acoustic guitars in the world. He offers two models; an OM and a modified dreadnaught. They are primarily fingerstyle guitars but can be voiced for any style you desire. Ray offers a limitless range of options and each acoustic guitar is unique in design.

  • Maingard Guitars

    Maingard master luthier Marc Maingard has been crafting custom acoustic guitars using fine Brazilian Rosewood for over 30 years. Guitar models include Grand Concert 14 fret, Grand Concert 12 fret, Orchestra, Dreadnought 14 fret, Dreadnought 12 fret, OOO Model, Classic Flamenco and the Classic Romantica. Acoustic guitar details can be customized, including machine heads, bridges, pins, headstock...

  • Franklin (Nick Kukich)

    Nick Kukich, of Franklin Guitars, offers two main acoustic models. The OM is styled after the old Martin OM design but offers modern voicing. The Franklin Jumbo offers a resonant bass that isn't boomy.

  • Circa Guitars (John Slobod)

    Circa Guitars is operated by luthier John Slobod. John offers four acoustic guitar models;, an OM, a dreadnaught, a OO 12 fret, and a 7/8ths dread. The Circa OM is based on the 1930 style OM's with Red spruce or Alpine spruce tops. The Circa D acoustic guitar combines the sweetness of a 1934 D-28 with the "cannon" power of a 1950 D-18. John's OO 12 fret is a classic pre-war fingerstyle guitar. ...