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Acoustic Baritone Guitars

  • De Faoite Stringed Instruments

    Treebeard is an acoustic baritone guitar with 735mm (approximately 29") scale and a rich deep tone. It has a cello shape and a 14 fret join to the body rather than 15 or 16. With its long scale, this acoustic guitar will tune down to A-A, but its best range is B-B and the various open tunings from this base. It is a lot more easy to play than you think and is perfect for fingerstyle using open ...

  • Goodall Guitars

    James Goodall makes an acoustic baritone guitar that has clear definition. The acoustic Baritone includes a neck which has 14 frets clear to the body and a 28 inch string scale. With regular medium gauge strings they can be tuned one whole step down to D-G-C-F-A-D and drop tuned from there. Add a capo at the 2nd fret and it's a regular acoustic guitar. With slightly heavier custom gauge strings...

  • Kathy Wingert Guitars

    Kathy Wingert offers her Baritone F model acoustic guitar with a body length of 20 3/16", width at the lower bout 16", width at the upper bout 11 7/8", scale length of 27.5", 15 frets clear of the body, and a standard nut width of 1 13/16".

  • Galloup Guitars

    Galloup Guitars carries "The Baritone", an acoustic baritone guitar with clear defined tones. Whether you tune it B-to-B or C-to-C, the Baritone is clear-voiced and well-balanced. The scale length is 28.75, the bridge pin spacing is 2.3, the nut width is 1.8, and the body bout width is 16. For more specs and information on the Galloup Acoustic Baritone Guitar please click on the link below.

  • AJ Lucas Guitars

    A.J.Lucas luthier the baritone. The baritone has a scale length of 735mm or approximately 29". It is designed to be tuned B E A D F# B - a fourth below standard - with heavier string gauges. It will accommodate variations on this tuning. The bridge falls lower down the body, more or less at the widest point. This gives the bridge a relationship to the soundboard similar to that found on 12 fre...

  • David Berkowitz Guitars

    Berkowitz Guitars baritone line offers a full-scale instrument built on a 30" scale, as well as a 28.59" model for performers with smaller hands. Berkowitz Guitars also offers the FB-28, an alternative for artists who want an acoustic baritone guitar with a more compact body. The JB-28 and JB-30 baritone guitars are built on the J-6 jumbo body; the FB-28 is built on the F-6 Concert. The JB-30, JB-...
  • Bischoff Guitars

    Bischoff Guitars offers their #3-088 9-string acoustic baritone guitar, and the #AE-Br-090 baritone "Acoustelectric". All in-house wood has been hand selected from the suppliers stock. Every piece of wood will be hand selected, cut and fit to your acoustic baritone guitar only. The primary criteria are resonance and appearance. Please click on the model link for more information.

  • Greenfield Guitars

    Greenfield Guitars incorporate many of the latest techniques and proprietary design features while still being handcrafted in the time honoured tradition of the master guitarmakers of generations past. It is Greenfield's philosophy that a truly extraordinary acoustic baritone guitar is the result of the meticulous selection of the finest woods, materials and careful construction; along wi...

  • Santa Cruz Guitars

    The Bob Brozman acoustic baritone guitar features a 27-inch neck scale built to be tuned down two or three half steps, a sloped-shoulder dreadnought with 12 frets to the body, contributing to a rich and powerful voice. The tone woods for this baritone guitar were chosen to optimize separation and presence: beautiful figured Koa for the back and sides, and rare German Spruce for the top. However...

  • Applegate Guitars

    Applegate Guitars manufactures Jumbo Acoustic Baritone Guitars.The base model's soundboards are made from either Western Red Cedar, Engelmann Spruce or Sitka Spruce with tonewoods of Indian Rosewood, Bubinga or Mahogany. Each acoustic baritone guitar standard with your choice of dovetailed 5-piece neck in Mahogany, Maple, Rosewood or Mahogany or inlayed neck of solid mahogany. Logo and rosette ...

  • Benjamin Guitars

    Luthier Nick Benjamin produces small numbers of high quality handmade steel string acoustic guitars, often made to order, but with a few instruments soon to be available ready made. The JOMB is a 12 fret B tuned acoustic baritone guitar with a 700mm (27.55 inch) scale and a twelfth fret neck joint.

  • Mustapick Guitars

    The Mustapick acoustic baritone guitar features several options; the Ryan armrest bevel, the Manzer wedge, the side soundport, multi-scale geometry (sometimes referred to as fanned frets), and a cutaway. Its woods are as follows; Sitka spruce top, Brazilian rosewood back and sides, Koa binding, rosette and headplates, and Cocobolo fingerboard and bridge. With normal (light or medium) gauge str...

  • Specht Guitars

    Specht carries the "Wild Horse Baritone Guitar". These acoustic baritone guitars feature a spruce top, flame black walnut sides, 5 piece flame black walnut and rosewood back, black walnut head plate, an ebony bridge, a rosewood fingerboard with black walnut binding, a mahogany neck, rosewood binding, a flame walnut pick guard, 30” scale, and is tuned to low A.

  • Veillette Guitars

    Veillette Guitars offers the Acoustic Grand 16" Baritone Guitar. "The Grand 16" is the largest soundbox they build, and is very well suited to the Baritone 6-string and 12-string acoustic guitars that have been their specialty for years. The extra body depth and airspace let the lower frequencies speak clearly.

  • Chris Larkin Guitars

    Chris Larkin's TVR acoustic baritone guitar body, much like the ASAPJ model, has the top, back and sides made from the same board of Khaya Mahogany. To add richness and color to the high gloss finish, a red mahogany tint is added.  These acoustic baritone guitars offer heavier than normal bracing of scalloped spruce. The silk finished neck is maple but a center lamination of mahogany is added ...

  • Karol Guitars

    The Karol acoustic baritone guitar adds a whole new range to a player's arsenal of tunings and deep tones. Available in 28 or 29 inch scales, with an optional 27.5 to 29 inch multiscale, this acoustic baritone guitar is tuned normally A to A or B to B using gauges 16 to 70. The Baritone is built on either the traditional Jumbo or the Solo platform, due to the need for the large volume soundbox ...