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  • Mr. B's Sustainable Glassworks

    Mr. B's makes bottleneck guitar slides out of 100% recycled glass wine and liquor bottles. Brenton Sadreameli (Mr. B) now has approximately 70 dealers in 24 U.S. states, as well as dealers in Japan.

  • Diamond Bottlenecks

    Diamond Bottlenecks makes acoustic and electric custom-made glass slides and tone bars for bottleneck, slide and lap-slide guitarists. Tone bars are made of lead crystal. There are many designs to choose from.

  • Rick Park

    Rick Park is a musician and artist who makes "Gen-U-Wine" bottleneck guitar slides. Ther are many sound clips available on this web site to hear his slides in action.

  • Tom Feldmann

    Tom Feldmann makes his signature series Sly Devil bottleneck slides in single and double cut configurations using European wine bottles. Colors available include green, brown and pale blue.

  • Rocky Mountain Slide Co

    Rocky Mountain Slides offers finger slides (6 models), tone bars (4 models), signature models (10), and custom made slide products (6). There are over 1200 variations in all!

  • The Rock Slide

    The Rock Slide features a tapered interior that fits snuggly, and the slide is cutaway where you bend your finger. Slides are made of solid brass, colored glass, or can be chrome, nickel or gold plated. Check out the new Balltip slide.

  • Clayton USA

    Steve Clayton offers several varieties of slides, including the porcelain Pork Knuckle, glass slides in three sizes, Socket Slides (made from socket wrenches), brass slides, and American Hottie porcelain designs.

  • Silica Sound

    Silica Sound glass guitar slides are hand made with a thick end for extra grip on the tip of your finger. The added mass promotes better sustain. All products are made with a tapered fit.

  • Bigheart Slides

    Bigheart slides come in over a dozen types, and in many materials and shapes that are ergonomically designed for better fit. Materials include aluminum, bronze and glass.

  • Latch Lake

    Latch Lake offers a variety of guitar slides. The Acousta is for acoustic guitars. They have a slide for entry level musicians and a bronze model for Hawaiian style playing. Their Medicine Bottle glass slide is designed for Delta blues playing. Other models are available.

  • Corriciadan Guitar Slides

    The Corriciadan guitar slide is a medicine bottle style for blues players. This product is light and small for quick positioning. It is modeled after the original Coricidin medicine bottle and comes in two weights.

  • Stone Slides

    Paloma Stone guitar slides offer an organic tone, warm with great sustain. These are hand-made ceramic slides and bars for bottleneck, resonator, Weissenborn, lap and pedal steel playing. Ceramic is lighter in weight than steel or brass types.

  • Blooze Bottle

    Blooze Bottle makes their slides from real glass medicine bottles. They are similar to the Coricidin bottles used by Duane Allman and Joe Walsh. They come in long, medium and short lengths, with or without threads, in clear or amber glass.

  • Tribotone

    Tribotone makes slides and tone bars specifically designed to eliminate grind and squeak noise. They are made of self-lubricating plastic.

  • Shubb

    Shubb offers the Axys reversible guitar slide that allows the player to combine slide playing with normal fretting. It consists of a ring with a rotating sleeve that is open on one side for normal fretting. Rotation is achieved with the thumb. This product is made of brass.

  • Hall Flutes

    Hall makes crystal musical instruments and accessories, including guitar slides in six sizes, flutes, panpipes, didgeridoos, tinwhistles, and more. The guitar slides are made of clear pyrex.

  • Moonshine Slides

    Moonshine makes porcelain ceramic guitar slides that are warmer and more resonant than glass. The surface is "no scratch" and the interior is silky smooth to absorb finger moisture.

  • Dunlop

    Dunlop slides come in stainless steel, tempered glass (regular, medium, heavy, flared), brass, chrome plated, and many other styles. Tone bars are also available.