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Guitar Polish and Guitar Cleaners

  • Lizard Spit Guitar Polish

    Hosa Technology offers Lizard Spit polish and conditioner for acoustic, electric, bass and classical guitar finishes, as well as for varnished wood. Other products include Micro Fiber cloths, V.I.P. Vintage Guitar Polish, Fretboard Cleaner and Conditioner, Slick Nutz, Cymbal Polish and Cleaner, Drum Shell Polish, Piano Polish, Guitar/Bass Care Pack, Drum Care Pack, and Microphone Sanitizer.

  • MusicNomad Equipment Care

    MusicNomad Equipment Care provides a full range of premium and eco friendly detailers, cleaners and wax. Products include acoustic and electric detailer, guitar polish, guitar wax, an all-in-one cleaner, polish and wax, amp and case cleaner and conditioner, drum detailer, flannel polishing cloth, microfiber suede cloth, guitar detailing towels, and more. Many products work well as a guitar neck...

  • Virtuoso Guitar Polish

    Virtuoso offers their Premium Polish and Premium Cleaner for all finished acoustic, classical, electric and bass guitars, and nearly all string instruments. Virtuoso is very active in the vintage and boutique guitar industry, and can clean and polish your vintage guitar body and neck to remove years of grime and smudge without being harmful to the original finish.

  • The Swipe

    The Swipe is a fabric which removes grime and cleans acoustic, electric, classical, and most any type of guitar string (including coated types). The Swipe is specially designed to easily get between the string and fretboard, and will polish your frets at the same time.

  • Steve Clayton Guitar Polish and Wax

    Steve Clayton offers a variety of instrument polish and wax products. Their Carnauba Wax produces a hard, clear protective finish and is great for the guitar body as well as the neck. The Pro Lemon guitar polish replenishes oils and cleans finishes on acoustic, electric, classical and most all stringed instruments. Pro Shine polish creates a shine while cleaning the guitar's surface. String Zip...

  • The String Cleaner

    The String Cleaner extends the life and preserves the tone of acoustic, electric, bass and classical guitar strings. This guitar string cleaner cleans both the top and bottom of your strings for a full 360 degrees of coverage. The bass version also doubles as a fretboard cleaner.

  • Guitar Scratch Remover by Eterna Shine

    Guitar Polish, by EternaShine, offers a variety of products. The Player's Kit Guitar Polish is their best scratch remover system while offering an excellent finished polish to your acoustic, electric, bass and classical guitar body and neck. Their Single Blend product is a guitar polish that can also clean up surface marks. Detail Mist Sprays clean up perspiration and fingerprints, and double a...

  • chrome-frets

    Chrome-frets is an all-in-one fret polish and string cleaner system that can be used on electric, bass, acoustic and classical guitars, as well as banjos, mandolins and ukuleles. Basically, it can be used on any fretted or string instrument. An unfinished dark wood fretboard will also benefit from chrome-frets.

  • Gerlitz Guitar Care Products

    Gerlitz has several guitar care products. Their Guitar Honey is a fretboard oil that polishes and protects. Their Smudge Off is an instrument cleaner that is used on the guitar body, neck and frets. They also offer their No. 1 Guitar Wax which is Carnauba guitar polish. Polishing cloths are available, as well as their Spiff Pack combo of Smudge Off and polish cloth, and "The Works", which combi...

  • Dean Markley Love Potion

    Dean Markley has a variety of polish and cleaner products in their catalogue. Their Love Potion series includes everyday guitar polish, deep cleaners, fretboard savers and restorers. Use their Love Potion #11 for deep cleaning of your acoustic, electric, bass and classical guitar neck.

  • Dunlop Guitar Maintenance Products

    Dunlop offers their Formula No. 65 guitar polish and cleaner for all acoustic, electric and classical guitars and string instruments. Formula No. 65 leaves a micro-thin, stain-resistent protective layer that won't build up and can be used as a daily cleaner for your string instrument body and neck.

  • GuitarAffecs offers many gu...

  • Dr. Ducks Ax Wax and String Lube

    Dr. Duck's Axe Wax is the "marvel mystery oil" of the guitar industry. This is an organic cleaner-polish-moisturizer for all acoustic, electric and classical guitars, and most string instruments. It can be used on the entire instrument, including the fretboard, body, neck, pickguard and headstock. Dr. Duck's Axe Wax increases string life and is not an aerosol. Guitar builders who use this produ...

  • Planet Waves Cloth

    Planet Waves offers a variety of polishes and clothes, including fingerboard cleaner, fret polish, lemon oil, polish cloths, Carnauba wax, string cleaner, deep cleaning cream polish, instant spray cleaner, string lubricant and cleaner, and much more. All products can be used on nearly every type of guitar and string instrument body, neck, fretboard and frets.

  • D'Andrea Guitar Care Products

    The D'Andrea Guitar Care Kit Deluxe includes guitar polish, a wood care guide, a bottle of lemon oil, string cleaner and a polish cloth (12" x 15"). This guitar care kit can be used on nearly every type of guitar and string instrument, including classical guitars.

  • Kyser Care Products

    Kyser offers care products for your guitar and string instrument, including lemon oil, deep cleaning guitar polish, and string cleaner and lubricant that protects against skin acids and other wear. Deep cleaning guitar polish is excellent for your heavily soiled guitar neck, as well as your guitar body.

  • Stewart MacDonald

    Stewart-MacDonald offers guitar cleaner, polish and lubricant. Products include Gorgomyte fretboard cleaner and conditioning cloth, Preservation silicone-free guitar polish, Behlen Naphtha Solvent, polish cloths, and GHS Fast Fret string cleaner and lube.

  • Petros Instrument Care Products

    Petros builds boutique guitars and offers premium guitar care products, including Miracle Finish Restorer, Professional Instrument Polish, and Fretboard Oil. One 2.25 oz bottle of each should be enough for a lifetime. Bring your guitar body, neck and fretboard back to life with Petros guitar care products.