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Guitar Chairs

  • Pick-N-Glider

    The Pick-N-Glider guitar chair positions you upright for correct playing posture. The chair glides back and forth with a smooth gliding action, like a rocking chair only more ergonomically designed for guitar playing. There are no arms.

  • Boggs Collective

    The Sonus guitar chair offers lumbar support to help negate slumping in your seat. Your neck and picking hand are kept in the correct position for seeing the fretboard. You can play guitar longer with less fatigue.

  • The Original Guitar Chair

    The Original Guitar Chair is armless with lower back support. And it folds neatly when you are finished. The cushioned seat and back make it the perfect chair for guitar playing. They are available in walnut, cherry and oak.

  • BBR Woodworks

    Ron Kieper builds each individual guitar chair to suit the clients needs. They are portable and lightweight, available in any wood and upholstery, and can be designed to match your guitar. The seat cushion can flip up to allow for storage underneath.