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Content Use

We at The Guitar Sherpa believe in the power of rightful and fair use. Our usage is intended both for our success, and the success of the creators of the content we share.


Resources we use throughout the site are in many cases content created by The Guitar Sherpa, but there are also many cases where we may have utilized portions of the content others have created. In these cases, the content we use should be in some shape or form directly linked to the creator or source of the information via clickable link. If you feel we have not represented you well enough you may use the "Report An Issue" link provided throughout the site or by clicking the link below, and we will make the necessary corrections/actions to resolve the issue.

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Videos we use are near completely the work of others and we do not take any credit for the ideas, production, and final product of their creations.

Videos, Video Thumbnails, and Related Imagery we utilize are freely provided from various video sharing sites, are sometimes used on the pages of the actual videos we reshare, and also may be featured as imagery in categories leading up to the actual videos. We believe this enhances the chances for a user to more likely view that particular video, and therefore increases the overall popularity and profit for the individual or group responsible for the creation of that video.  Our intent is not to infringe on anyone's content rights, but rather to aid in their success.

If you feel our use of any of your content is infringing on your rights of ownership, and do not see the benefits of featuring your content on our site. You can easily request to have content taken down by either navigating to the page of subject and using the "Report issue on page" link or you may simply fill out an issue form by following the link below.

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Other Imagery used on The Guitar Sherpa is either proprietary content created and owned by The Guitar Sherpa, or has been legally obtained/purchased from individuals or companies that provide pay for use or free use services for that imagery. It's always possible for some content to come into question, or even an accidental use of content we did not realize we had no right to use. In this case please use the "Report An Issue" link provided on the page in question or by clicking the link below.

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Use of The Guitar Sherpa Content is permitted so long as it does not infringe on the usage rights of others (including The Guitar Sherpa's rights). You may freely share content from this site as long as you give credit to The Guitar Sherpa and those responsible for the content we provide to you as per their terms of use.

In Closing we want to make sure you're happy with our conduct and use of all material. In most cases the "Report An Issue" form will be all that is required for us to make the necessary action/correction. We may however require a formal request in some cases where we feel we have sufficient evidence to back our legal usage of that content, and for that you will be notified shortly (within a few business days) after submitting your report.

Thank you for your understanding, and as always our goal is to make sure everyone is satisfactorily represented throughout our site and satisfied with what we're doing.